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All The Best Things Coming To Netflix In August

For when you need some time out from all beer gardens and sunshine...

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the sun and retreat to the air conditioned comforts of indoors. Or, something like that...

A whole new batch of Netflix films and TV shows await and we hear it's way more appealing than getting incidental sunburn from the sheer British determination to 'make the most of the nice (read: scorching) weather'.

Now that the streaming service have released next month's line up, it seems August is a great time for romantic comedy dramas. The type of films you love to watch but perhaps pretend to be not quite so enthusiastic about to all your super cultured friends. With throwback favourites such as Bridget Jones, Jennifer Lopez at her rom-com peak and nostalgic reminder of what comedy crime capers looked like back in the 80s, we couldn't be more excited to retreat from the 30 degree heat and get re-stuck in to some of our favourite films.

There are some new appearances of course. Netflix's controversial teen drama Insatiable__ is due to drop in the coming weeks and Kristen Bell stars in what we're anticipating to be the rom-com-gone-wrong we need right about now - sign us up for the emotional rollercoaster that comes with connecting with your estranged father after being jilted at the alter by your idiot fiancé.

Intrigued? Us too. Here's what we're keeping an eye out for on Netflix over the next few weeks.

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