All The Best Things Coming To Netflix In April

You didn't have any plans after the Easter bank holiday anyway...

All The Best Things Coming To Netflix In April

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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Another month, another barrage of brand new Netflix film and TV content to make your way through. Chances are you're still quite happily re-watching Friends, or maybe you've just discovered the fantastic mayhem that is Nailed It!, the new amateur baking competition that everyone's been talking about recently. Nevertheless, there are some new releases and old favorites coming your way in April and you're going to want to add them all to that ever growing watch list.

Before you start to get all high and mighty about all the stuff you were going to do with your life once the clocks go back and the chocolate/crisps/meat you gave up for Lent is reintroduced to your life, though, let's be real for a sec. As wonderful as the sun drenched fantasy of going for runs, doing brunch and making good, practical use of your time may be, those long nights (and lost days) spent staying up far too late to squeeze in one last episode of this months 'must watch' series aren't going anywhere, mate.

Like it or not, Netflix is still life. So, if we're going to admit to spending insane amounts of time glued to our laptop screens, we may as well be watching to good stuff. Here's what to look out for over the coming weeks...


Debrief New On Netflix April 2018

New On Netflix April 20181 of 9

Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World

An oldly but a kind of goodie that sees Keira Knightly and Steve Carrell in one of the most rogue cinematic pairings of 2012. Available 1 April 2018

New On Netflix April 20182 of 9

The Alienist

Nothing like a tense psychological thriller to brighten up your April. Set in 1896 New York, the murder series stars Dakota Fanning and the American press are really into it already. Available 19 April 2018

New On Netflix April 20183 of 9

Suits Season 7

Let's not pretend that you're not low-key mourning the end of Meghan Markle's reign on Suits. Her final episode is going to be next month before we only see her waving gracefully at royal public engagements. Available 5 April 2018

New On Netflix April 20184 of 9

Mercury 13

This documentary has slight (very lose) Hidden Figures vibes if you really took to the space thing. It follows women who were tested for space flight back in the 60s, only to be rejected for a group of men instead. Available 20 April 2018

New On Netflix April 20185 of 9

Riverdale Season 2

We're not done with the Riverdale hype, you guys. And if you've missed the drama of the second season you've got time to catch up because new episodes are released every Thursday and things are getting really dark. Available now

New On Netflix April 20186 of 9
CREDIT: RuPaul Drag Race

Ru Pauls Drag Race

ICYMI, Ru Paul's Drag Race has been all the chat of late. There was lots of drama around the new All Stars series but if you're still lagging behind, season 10 is right here for ya. New episodes every Saturday

New On Netflix April 20187 of 9


Did you make the connection between Hanna and Lady Bird? As in the incredible Saorise Ronan stars in both? Yeah, that's a thing. Makes the film worth a second watch I think... Available 1 April 2018

New On Netflix April 20188 of 9

Lost In Space

Another brand new series for you to try on for size. It's about the Robinson family who find themselves, you guessed it, lost in space. The show is a reboot of a sci-fi programme that was popular in the 60s. It might be a slow burner but the trailer looks pretty decent.Available 13 April 2018

New On Netflix April 20189 of 9

David Attenborough’s ‘Life’

This man needs no introduction so we'll just let you know that the story of earth and the animals is on Netflix. Go and be at one with the world's favourite commentator. Available now

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