New Illustrated Images For Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Are Revealed

Jim Kay's cover for the illustrated 'Chamber of Secrets' has been revealed...

New Illustrated Images For Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Are Revealed

by Chloe Laws |

Pottermore has released artist Jim Kay's images for the second instalment of the illustrated Harry Potter series. The Chamber of Secrets cover does not disappoint, and leads on from the beautiful Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Illustrated Edition. The release in October last year was extremely successful- it was even shortlisted for The Bookseller’s Children’s Book of the Year.

So far the illustrations that have been released show a detailed portrait of Hagrid, the potato-head gnomes, the Mandrakes, a female phoenix and of course Mr Weasley’s iconic flying ford which dons the cover.

The book will contain 115 images, plus it will be published in 21 languages or more; meaning that Harry Potter fans across the world can enjoy the classic tale accompanied by Kay’s artwork. JK Rowling is ecstatic at the illustrated versions of her work stating that ‘Jim Kay’s illustrations moved me profoundly. I Love his interpretation of Harry Potter’s world’.

It’s hard to contain our excitement at seeing the full book, but for now we’re loving these sneak peeks...

1. Rubeus Hagrid and Hogwarts School


2. Potato-headed gnomes, Mandrakes and Death-Eaters

3. The front cover, showing Mr Weasley's flying Ford

4. A Female Phoenix

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