Netflix’s ‘OA’ Is Set To Be The New Stranger Things

Still suffering Stranger Things withdrawal? Fear not, OA is the new Netflix eight-part series that everyone's about to start talking about.

Netflix's 'OA' Is Set To Be The New Stranger Things

by Jess Commons |
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Look guys, we know the past few months have been hard. Since Stranger Things finished you've been feeling aimless, lost, a little unsure at how to fill your time. Sure you've tried things - Gilmore Girls, The Missing, First Dates, hell, you even revisited Stephen Avery in Making A Murderer.

But nothing has come close to the collective obsession that was Stranger Things. Sure the show was great, but what was greater was how obsessed everyone was together. From the Barb memes to the Halloween costumes, it was probably the most connected society managed to be in 2016.

On December 16th though, Netflix are set to release a new show. It's called OA. And, well, we're hoping it's going to be a new Thing.

It looks REALLY GOOD. It's got Brit Marling in as a girl called Prairie who went missing as a child. Now, seven years later, she's been returned to her parents but it's the first time she's ever seen them because, when she left, she was blind. Now though, she can see.

So, what happened in the years she was gone? Who knows, Prairie won't talk about it. One thing's for sure though, it was definitely something weird, sci-fi-y and off the books. Oh, and it was definitely something to do with Lucius Malfoy aka Jason Isaacs who does a lot of looking shifty (and fit) in the trailer.

FINGERS CROSSED FOR THIS ONE GUYS. There's just one question that needs answering though... will you be able to save it for Christmas or are you going to binge watch it this weekend? Let the OA memes commence.

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