Netflix: All The Best New Things They’re Adding In October

Here's what you're going to be watching this month

Netflix: All The Best New Things They're Adding In October

by Jess Commons |
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Cold? Don’t even worry about it. Now it’s October you’ve got a free pass to stay in your living room, wrapped up in a blanket for the next six months. It’s the law, no-one can be mad at you for dodging the pub.

So, what are you going to be watching while you’re holed up inside? Netflix obvs. But what have they got for you this month?

About Time

About as Richard Curtis a film as it’s possible to have without it being Love Actually. It’s got Bill Nighy, lovely houses in London you’ll never be able to afford and erm, time travelling. Sure.

It’s about Domhall Gleeson (who’s growing on us) and his family ability to travel around in time. Hilarious hijinks occur that involve him shacking up with Rachel McAdams and then it all gets a bit weepy. If it doesn’t have you crying like a teeny tiny baby by the end, I’ll eat my hat.

From 3 October

Saving Mr. Banks

Another terribly lovely film about the time that PL Travers went to see Walter Disney about her book Mary Poppins being made into a bonafide Hollywood film.

Starring Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks, it’s not just about the Mary Poppins story, it’s also the tragic tale of PL Travers’ childhood growing up with an alcoholic father in Australia, which was a huge inspiration for the story.

From 24 October

What We Do In The Shadows

Starring and written by Jermaine from Flight of the Conchord (Rhys is obviously in it too), this comedy horror is about a group of vampires who are flatsharing in New Zealand. Includes all your everyday flatshare woes from washing up to paying bills with hilarious results. Vampires – they’re just like us.

From 10 October

Beasts Of No Nation

A Netflix original film starring Idris Elba about a little boy whose life is torn apart when his country descends into civil war. Forced by mercenaries to become a child soldier, it charts his problematic relationship with the head mercenary. Likely to be a tough – but important – watch.

From 16 October

American Horror Story: Freak Show

One for the more together telly viewers of you out there. I never got past the first epsiode of the first season – AHS is far too scary for my sensitive temperament. Still though, if you’re into things that go bump in the night then by all acounts the fourth series of the show is excellent. Plus, it’s not that long before series five starts. Which stars Lady Gaga. So you know, that’s a must watch.

From 21 October

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