Netflix Is Going To Be Available Offline (Maybe)

It may just work on Netflix Original shows. But still.

Netflix Is Going To Be Available Offline (Maybe)

by Delphine Chui |
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There are commutes that call for staring down at the speckles on the tube floor as you contemplate your existential crisis. Then, there are the kinds of mornings where you listen to a podcast (like, say, How I Built This) that leave you wanting to fist pump the air because you’re feeling so fucking inspired right now.

But, let’s be real, the best kind of journey to or from work is when you’re finally getting to catch up on that boxset you can’t stop thinking about, right? It’s the guilt-free and ideal time to just sit back, watch and enjoy because you physically can’t doublescreen and you’re technically travelling so you’re multi-tasking already and winning at life.

So, obviously when we caught wind that offline playback may soon become available on Netflix, it was like the media heavens had opened. No more dodgy connections or rinsing out your 3G allowance before the end of the month.

Considering Netflix notoriously once stated that offline playback was 'never going to happen,' when CEO Reed Hastings said that the company were 'keeping an open mind about it' earlier this year, the world was like 'whaaaaaaat?' and 'yasssssss!' in equal measure.

And now it’s been leaked from an industry insider that Netflix really are launching this product, exclusively for Netflix Originals, and it will most probably be available by the end of the year.

But don’t get too excited just yet because Netflix still haven’t officially responded to the claims. Although now the pressure’s on them, they might just have to deliver and make 'Netflix and commute' a thing.

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