Why You Need To See The Banter-Tastic Inbetweeners 2

This one goes out to all the wankers who went to Australia on their gap year


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**What’s this then? **The Inbetweeners 2! Woo!

Ah yes, I think I saw something about that. Ha yes, there’s been a bit of coverage of it.

So what’s the premise then? OK, well Simon and Will are at university (Sheffield and Bristol respectively), Neil’s working in a dead-end job and, thanks to mental girlfriends and horrible housemates, none of them are happy. Jay, however, has spent the last six months in Australia (‘the sex capital of the world, lads’) on a gap year. According to a very long, very Jay-like email he sends the boys, he lives in a mansion, gets woken up with a blowjob every morning and is the premiere DJ at one of Sydney’s top nightclubs where he goes by the name ‘DJ Big Penis’. Naturally, the disgruntled English-moored lot decide to go ‘travelling’ and visit him.

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Amazing. Yep, between them, the guys sample all the delights of cringeworthy travelling hotspot Byron Bay. From getting fucked on the local ‘goon’ and socialising with posh boys from Surrey with white man dreads, tribal tattoos and a spiritual side to swimming with dolphins, it’s every travelling cliché under the sun and, chances are, if you did Australia on your ‘gap yah’ (guilty, sorry guys), it’s likely to make you feel more than a little bit cringeworthy at what a bellend you most likely were.

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I kind of imagined the humour wouldn’t move with the times though, no? Hm, there are a few ill-judged jokes that revolved around the rape alarm Will’s mum gave him and it’s kind of a shame that of the two main girls in it, one’s batshit mental (think daily checks of Simon’s Facebook and cutting up his favourite hoodies) and the other is a ditzy two-dimensional girl who exists purely to spur on Will’s affections.

Meh. It’s not like any of the characters are perfect though – the boys are still flawed in a way that’s guaranteed to make them look more like knobs than anyone else on the screen.

And is it funny? Oh yes. We’d venture to say it’s even funnier than the first film.

Big statement. Yep, even if you don’t agree you’ll definitely think it’s at least on a par. Between a campfire singalong gone very wrong and a horrific poo-related incident at a water park to the boy’s dismal knowledge of Australia as a country (and the Australians’ disdainful view of the boys in return) it’s laugh-out-loud, snigger-in-your-seat, stamp-on-the-floor hilarious.

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What are people saying? 'The Inbetweeners 2 absolutely rips it out of certain targets, such as the pretentious rich kids who go on a spiritually-awakening gap year and get dreadlocks while sitting on sizeable trust funds. The use of the word 'banter' and all its variations is also mocked to the max during the ongoing antics of the reunited "Pussay Patrol".' – Ben Rawson Jones, Digital Spy

And what are we saying? I mean, just go and see it. Put aside all notions of being to grown-up for all that shit now and just go and have a wicked time. At worst, you’ll spend an hour-and-a-half lolling at how childish it all seems now, but at best it’ll have you rolling around in the aisle and calling everyone 'wankers' for the rest of the day.

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