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Grumpy Cat in a Pharrell hat? Now THAT'S What We're Talking About


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Last night saw the MTV Movie Awards – the awards show that's sort of like the Oscars, but instead has categories for 'Best Kiss' and 'Best Scared As-S***' Performance. The big winners were the Hunger Games clan, and surprisingly, Brit boy Will Poulter (go, Will!). But we can't help feeling like there's some awards they might have missed out on. So we kindly put together the list of other winners they forgot to honour. Winners – write your name on a postcard and send it to us with a stamped address envelope and we'll get your certificate out to you.** **

'Most reassuring "Don’t Worry, I’m Still Here Guys" Look' – Lupita N'yong'o

Just in case you'd forgotten – Lupita reminded us that she’s basically the queen of the red-carpet look with this peppy number from Chanel. Cute shoes, too.


The award For 'Completely Unnecessary Attractive Male Exploitation' - Zac Efron

We've taken it under careful consideration, met with the Elders and – after this little display – we've decided to forgive you for That Awkward Moment. If we could trouble you to make 17 Again: The Sequel, too, that'd be great.


'The Lifetime Achievement Award For Fuelling Unneccessary Pregnancy Rumours' – Mila Kunis

Mila, doing a Beyoncé – hand over stomach. In all fairness, though, she might have just had a dodgy chicken wing.


'Most Lifelike Portrayal Of What A Hip Hop Downton Would Look Like' – Rihanna

Rihanna as Lady Mary while Drake and Chris Brown dish out curt but socially acceptable insults across the dinner table at each other in the middle of a gigantic mansion in Malibu? Yeah, we’d watch that.


'The Award For Most Awards Won' – Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Josh Hutcherson and Sam Claflin walked away with the awards for movie of the year, best female performance and best male performance. Sadly J-Law was nowhere to be seen. COME BACK, J-LAW.


'Most Concentrated Effort To Match Shoes With His Coat' – AJ McLean

The Backstreet Boy even roped his wife into the colour scheme. Glad these guys are back, wish they’d brought Nick with them, though. Or Kevin.


'The Award For Most Bonkers Outfit (That We Secretly Really Liked)'

The geisha shoes aren’t totally our thing, but bonus points to Miss Azalea for forgoing the strappy stiletto ankle sandals currently favoured by everyone else in the whole world.


'Best Newcomer To The Sleek And Sassy Side Of Dressing'

It’s taken a bit of getting used to, but Nicki Minaj sans pink hair, bonkers tutus and zany contacts. But last night's look? Yeah, we could get on board with that.


'Most Dedicated Pop Culture Lol'

Top marks Grumpy Cat – just when we thought the whole Pharrell’s hat thing was dead, you brought it back in the way that only an adorable feline could. Very good. Very good indeed. Say thanks to your humans, too.


Best Dressed Of The Whole Night

Iris Apatow smashed it. From the pink Docs to that plait halo, she’s everything we want to be and more.


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