Meet The New Cast Members Of Made In Chelsea LA

As the show heads State side meet the guys and girls that are going to be rocking the Chelsea boat

Meet All The New People In Made In Chelsea LA

by Jess Commons |
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In case you weren't already aware, Made In Chelsea has once again gone Stateside for it's summer special. This time the gang have gone further afield and have been troubling the good people of Los Angeles with their banter, boozing and bitching.

The show's set to start on the 10th of August (not long now!) but before then, we've managed to get some details on the new people the cast are set to meet. They are...

Naz Gharai


Naz, as well as being a mega babe, is single and has described herself as a 'hopeless romantic' (obvs). She's from San Diego and is the assistant to a 'famous' music producer - some of who's work we're probably about to hear on the show. She's also studying for a degree in biology and psychology. She's also well into fitness and likes hiking and running on the beach. Which is weird, because we like lying and drinking on the beach. Anyways, here's her Instagram if you need more pictures of Naz looking super, mega fit.

Olivia Fox

Olivia is a Beverly Hills native who is into clean living. She's a model, loves animals (I mean, it's 2015, don't we all love an internet dog and or cat every now and again?) and, (this is the totally crazy part guys), LOVES European men. Which is just a huge coincidence. Apparently she's mates with loads of celebs too. Yeah well, one time I saw Ed Sheeran in Brockley Costcutters Olivia so who's the real winner here?

Noah Bewley

According to the PRs, Noah apparently 'screams LA', which seems unnecessary, considering he's already there. He again is a model (no way) and is single (this is getting weird now). He's a mummy's boy and has a passion for astrology which suggests to us that he was just one six pack and chiselled jaw line away from sitting on the loser table at school. Here's his Instagram. He is really, really fit.

Bryan Mione

Bryan is apparently 'addicted to success' which we think is a line learned from the Patrick Batemen school for sociopaths. He is also single (yawn) and is a structural engineer, property magnate and a 'party boy'. Gross. He's got a fancy sports car too. Big whoop Bryan, I've got an Oyster card. Here's his Instagram. He just went on a trip to Bordeaux. As did I. I didn't spy him though, sorry guys.

Cody Weselis

This guy might have a silly name but he sure does have a cool job; he's a stunt man! He's also a snowboarder. And a musician. Will him and Andy have a jam? Or a rumble? Acoustic guitar to acoustic guitar? Fingers crossed. Here's his Instagram.

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