Daisy Ridley Watching The New Star Wars Trailer Is Sure To Cheer Up Your Day

The new Star Wars trailer dropped, here's its star 23-year-old Brit Daisy Ridley watching it for the first time

Daisy Ridley Watching The New Star Wars Trailer Is Sure To Cheer Your Up Today

by Jess Commons |
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Oh hey there guys, hey, hey, did you hear? Did you see? Yesterday there was a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and the internet lost their shit. Literally. LOST IT. Broke down. Stick that in your Champagne bearing bum and smoke it, Kim Kardashian.

The trailer does look terribly exciting; The Force Awakens is set 30 years on after Return Of The Jedi (the one *after *Darth Vader turns out to be – spoiler if you’re still catching up on films from 1983 – Luke’s father.)

Starring in the film is newcomer British actress Daisy Ridley. She’s 23, from London and – dah dah dah daahhhh, here’s the best bit – is the great-niece of Private Charles Godfrey from Dad’s Army (that’s the most doddery of all the old fellows, this guy if you’re struggling to remember those times your Dad made you watch re-runs on Sunday afternoons).

Anyways, one of Daisy’s friends had the sense to film Daisy watching the trailer for The Force Awakens for the first time yesterday, after the two set an alarm to wake up in the middle of the night and, it’s SO lovely.

A few other facts to know about Daisy?

She’s a responsible fitness gal

On a fitness video Daisy posted on Instagram a few days ago, she reminded followers that, ‘PLEASE REMEMBER everyone I have an incredible trainer who has helped me get into shape and who designs and supervises my workouts. If you’re just getting into training or getting back into it, be careful, get some advice, and never do weights stuff without supervision if you haven't done weights before!’

She rooted for Nadiya

Which, as everyone knows, despite the excellence of Ian and Tamal, was the right decision.

She’s got no time for body shamers

Srsly. GTFO.

She’s got her #FitnessGoals on point

Because, as everyone knows, going to the gym and going to Honest Burger are completely interchangeable as fitness activities.

Um. And this is her dog

Hey there, handsome.

Basically, she’s handling this entire bonkers situation exactly in the same way that we would

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