Does This Mean That The Gilmore Girls Are Getting Another Revival?

Could this give us the answers we've all been waiting for?

Does This Mean That The Gilmore Girls Are Getting Another Revival?

by Sarah Barrow |
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The Gilmore Girls comeback at the end of last year was all about those raining winter days and cuddling up to watch our favourite girl’s girl show.* Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life* had four episodes covering four seasons and it ended with our faces like the mouth open, hands on face, shocked emoji.

But why did it have to end? And why did it have to end like that, the cliff hanger which saw the story go full circle was too much to handle (spoilers abound, just in case you still haven't watched it...)

Those four words ‘Mom’, ‘Yeah’, ‘I’m pregnant’, cannot be the last words we hear, the internet is still going through the emotions and coming to terms that there may not be another series.

The ratings and reviews were highly positive so Netflix are surely keen to push writers for the second series of the reboot right?

So could news from PA, about ‘very preliminary’, (they say ‘very’ but there is hope), talks with Netflix and the creators Amy Sherman Palladino make our week and get us a teeny bit excited about a potential second series?

What is going to happen? Who is the father and what will Rory do about the pregnancy? We need answers Palladino.

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