Manuela Escobar From Narcos: Who Was Pablo Escobar’s Daughter In Real Life?

Where is she today? And what is her net worth? Here’s your need to know on Manuela Escobar.

Manuela Escobar

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

Narcos has been one of Netflix biggest hits, a cult classic that is well worth catching up on if you've not watched it yet. A huge part of the crime drama's appeal is that it’s based on such an extraordinary true story, and of course, gets us googling as we try to connect the dots and find out if the Netflix show matches up to what went down in real life.

One figure that fascinated us is the daughter of notorious drug-lord Pablo Escobar – Manuela Escobar. It looks like she’s managed to live a pretty private life for the most part, and we can’t say we’re all too surprised. But if you’re just dying to know a bit more about who she is in real life, here’s what we managed to find out about the girl whose father supposedly burned a barrel of 2 million dollars just to keep her warm.

Who is the real Manuela Escobar?

Manuela is the only daughter of Pablo Escobar and his wife Tata Escobar. Growing up, Manuela was very much the apple of her father’s eye. So much so that when she once asked for a unicorn, Pablo proceeded to buy her a horse, staple a cone to its head and some wings to its back. An awful thing to do to an animal, but evidence of the lengths Pablo would go to for his little girl.


How old is Manuela Escobar?

Manuela was born in 1984, which makes her 37 years old now.

Did Manuela Escobar move to Argentina?

According to an old report on the BBC, a couple of years after her father passed away Manuela fled Columbia with her family in 1995. There are rumours of them moving as far as Germany, but the three of them did indeed end up in Argentina. In Buenos Aries to be specific. That is at least until their true identities were found out which then led to her mother’s arrest for money laundering.

Manuela Escobar

Did Manuela Escobar change her name?

Some time after moving to Argentina, Manuela started a new life under the name Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos. Her brother also changed his name and instead of Juan Pablo now goes by Sebastian Marroquin. It sounds like it might have been part of an agreement between Columbia and Argentina to grant the family asylum with new identities.

What is Manuela Escobar's net worth?

The family’s money was handed over to the authorities in Colombia when Pablo died in 1993 - it was estimated he had a fortune of £19 billion - but it's unlikely that any money she does have now is related to her father.

Where is Manuela Escobar today?

There’s very little information about what Juana Manuela is up to these days, and that’s probably how she wants it to stay. Not much has come to light about her whereabouts since the time of her mother’s arrest back in 2000.

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