These Making A Murderer Memes Are Getting Out Of Control

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These Making A Murderer Memes Are Getting Out Of Control

by Jess Commons |

Obviously, Making A Murderer is pretty much the only thing you're focussed on right now. It's like, why is your housemate trying to get you to do the dishes when you're lying in your bed contemplating the blood vial? Do people not understand that this is your life now?

Luckily, the internet is your friend. The internet will always be your friend. On it, you can find the right kind of like-minded people who fully understand your new dream to move to America, retrain as a lawyer and get Steve Avery the justice that you've decided that he so fully deserves.

Obvs, because the internet's the internet, there's plenty of people expressing their addiction to the show in meme form. Here's some of the best.

*Guys - can we literally just take a second with this one. WHAT WAS THAT DRAWING.

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