MAFS UK’s Thomas Kriaras: Everything You Need To Know

All your questions about MAFSUK’s Thomas answered, including his job and how old he is

Thomas Kriaras MAFSUK

by Daisy Hall |
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After getting married in what has been dubbed the most awkward wedding in Married At First Sight UK history, Thomas Kriaras is officially in a relationship with Rosaline Darlington. Or at least he is on screen - we have to remember that these episodes were filmed months ago...

Having said that, we have a feeling that things are on the up for Thomas and Rozz, Thomas really seemed to listen when Rosaline made her feelings about his lack of affection clear, so we’ll see if anything changes.

Whilst we won’t know how things progress between the pair for a few days now – the next batch of MAFS UK brides and grooms are getting married this evening – we’ve done a deep dive into Thomas, finding out what we can about the 37 year old in the meantime.

So here’s everything we know about Thomas Kriaras from Married At First Sight UK.

What is Thomas from MAFS UK’s full name?

Thomas’s full name is Thomas Kriaras.

How old is Thomas from MAFS UK?

Thomas is 37 years old.

Where is Thomas from MAFS UK from?

Thomas lives in Wiltshire, but has connections to Greece, through his dad, and Scotland, through his mum.

What does Thomas from MAFS UK do for a living?

Thomas works in investment communications – whatever that means!

Has Thomas from MAFS UK been on TV before?

Married At First Sight UK marks Thomas’ TV debut.

What is Thomas from MAFS UK’s Instagram?

You can follow Thomas on Instagram @thomaskriaras

Are Thomas and Rosaline from MAFS UK still together?

Whilst we obviously won’t know until the MAFS UK reunions airs in a few months if Thomas and Rosaline are still officially together, the pair definitely still have a lovely friendship at the least.

Posting some behind the scenes snaps and videos to Instagram, Thomas paid tribute to his on-screen wife saying, ‘Thanks for being so amazing! It was such a tough week but you were my rock @rozzdarlington 🙏I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I couldn’t have done this with anyone else but you!!!’

What celebrities does Thomas from MAFS UK look like?

Great question! By his own admission, Thomas has received multiple comments claiming that he looks like Raphael from Jane the Virgin aka Justin Baldoni and footballer Luis Suarez. Both are definitely a compliment.

Anyone else you want to add?

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