MAFS UK: Did Thomas And Adrian Make The Right Decision To Split?

A friendship just isn't the same as a relationship.

Thomas and Adrian MAFS UK

by Daisy Hall |
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We took a while to warm to them as a couple, but Thomas Hartley and Adrian Sanderson soon became one of our favourite couples with their honesty and genuine friendship that they built.

But unfortunately, this is ‘Married At First Sight’, not ‘Friendships At First Sight’ and ultimately Thomas and Adrian realised that Thomas’ mum was right and that there wasn’t any sexual chemistry between the two of them and so- in absolutely devastating scenes- they decided to split.

Speaking to the camera Thomas said, "Looking around the table I'm seeing how happy everyone is and I just don't feel like that. I need to talk to Adrian."

He then asked to speak to his husband outside, and the pair emotionally and tearfully agreed to part ways.

Thomas told his partner, "I just wanted someone to love me, and I wanted someone to be with me forever… I adore you no matter what, you've got everything I'd ever want in a man, just not that one thing that I need."

Adrian then explained that he wasn't ready to be intimate with Thomas yet but vowed to continue their friendship saying, "Whenever you felt vulnerable, I needed you to know someone was there. I wanted you to know that someone would stick through."

Fans of Thomas and Adrian were heartbroken that they’d decided to part ways, with many taking to Twitter to say that they’d been reduced to tears. One viewer said, “Devastated for Adrian and Thomas. So sad to see them go like this.” whilst another commented, “My heart goes out to Adrian and Thomas, hope each find the love of their lives.”

Despite all the drama that it brings, MAFS UK can actually teach its viewers a lot about real-life relationships. Thomas acknowledging that the relationship was no longer working for him because he needed to be with someone who could match his intimacy desire rather than make him subdue that part of himself was the best decision that he could have made for himself and Adrian.

Both of them had worked really hard at their relationship and learnt a lot about themselves and what they want from future partnerships but ultimately it was the right decision for Thomas and Adrian to walk away and to walk away together. Sometimes the braver thing to do is to acknowledge when something isn’t working and get out, rather than waiting around and hoping that something will change. News flash: it won’t.

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