MAFS: Our Favourite Dramatic Revelations From This Year’s Dinner Parties

What's been your favourite drama party... sorry, DINNER party?

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MAFS UK never fails to bring the drama to our screens and this series has been no exception with cheating scandals, shouting matches and the 'v-word'. No, not that v-word... VEGAN!

So, as we enter the final week of series seven of Married At First Sight UK, we're taking a look back at the biggest, most dramatic dinner party revelations from this series. Get ready.


Seven of the most dramatic moments from MAFS UK series seven's dinner parties

Jordan and Chanita's 'I love you' drama1 of 7

Jordan and Chanita's 'I love you' drama

Jordan Emmett-Connelly left his partner Chanita Stephenson less than impressed after randomly slipping it into conversation that he would never again live with someone that he didn't love. Chanita and fans were pretty shocked at Jordan's revelation that came out at the dinner party without a word of warning. Luckily the couple were soon able to resolve the subsequent argument and bounce back better than ever.

Thomas and April's 'You're a liar' drama2 of 7

Thomas and April's 'You're a liar' drama

It marked the first of many of Thomas' feuds with his co-stars, but when Chanita revealed that she knew people had been talking "s**t" about her behind her back, Thomas Hartley was quick to drop April Banbury (who couldn't make the dinner party) in it and the two were never able to make up.

Matt and Whitney's first meeting3 of 7

Matt and Whitney's first meeting

The first time that Matt Jameson and Whitney Jones first laid eyes on each other at the dinner party there was some ridiculous chemistry and fans predicted (correctly) that the couple would soon be ditching their respective partners, Gemma Rose and Duka Cav.

Gemma telling Matt to "Sit the f**k down"4 of 7

Gemma telling Matt to "Sit the f**k down"

Gemma Rose and Matt Jameson often came to blows through out their relationship, but none as dramatic as during the dinner party at the couples getaway when the truth came out about Matt and Whitney Jones' relationship leading Gemma to scream at her 'husband', "Sit the f**k down" to which he responded, "Who the f**k do you think you're talking to?" A previous dinner party argument between the couple also ended in a similar way.

Jonathan's controversial comments5 of 7

Jonathan's controversial comments

Jonathan Wileman had the rest of the MAFS UK cast up-in-arms with his controversial comments about women's bodies saying that he would never date a girl with "horse legs" and much worse which often caused arguments around the dinner table. Special shoutout to Thomas Hartley who said "A man should never comment on a woman's body. Period." and snapped his fingers.

Jess friend-zoning PJay6 of 7

Jess friend-zoning PJay

When asked but the experts in the form of a golden envelope whether or not she could see a future with PJay Finch, Jess Potter firmly announced that she couldn't but that she liked him as a "friend" leaving PJay gutted. Awkward.

Kwame's big mouth7 of 7

Kwame's big mouth

Despite him and Kasia tending to be pretty solid as a couple at dinner parties, Kwame Badu seemed to enjoy getting involved in other people's drama including during the getaway when he shouted, "The irony of the being consoled by the man who's taking his woman" amidst all the Whitney Jones, Duka Can, Matt Jameson and Gemma Rose drama.

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