Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson Has Been Trolling Sister Louise Again

Little brothers. Aren't they just the best? Sam Thompson of Made In Chelsea fame has been ripping into his older sister online and yeah, it's pretty funny.

Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson Has Been Trolling Sister Louise Again

by Jess Commons |
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If you've got a little brother, you'll know that they can be both a blessing and a curse.

I've got a little brother. Well, I say little, he's a full foot taller than me, and whilst we get along fine *now *(mostly), there were several years where our sole reason for existing was to piss each other off.

Sam Thompson of Made in Chelsea fame is still in that faze with his sister Louise and, whilst it's probably not very funny for Louise, it's pretty amusing for us.

See, recently, Louise has been posting a lot of erm, shall we say posed pics on Instagram. And fair play. If I had her abs and nice home interiors I'd keep a constant Facebook Live stream on my naked body for all the world to see.

Sam though, reckoned it was time to intervene.

'After the past months barrage of @louise.thompson instagrams...I think it's time I took some serious piss!' He wrote on Instagram. 'So here we go! Gliding into 2017 wearing our Lacey #axparis dresses.'

Aaaand here is Sam replicating one of Louise's pictures.

Louise, for her part, struggled for a witty response; 'I guess you're going to get endorsed by ladies frocks now?' She commented.

In true brother/sister style - the perfect comeback will zip into Louise's head in the middle of the night in three years time. When it'll be too late to say it at all. FFS little brothers.

Sam didn’t stop there though. Over the past few months of Louise’s extremely well documented professionally photographed holidays, little Sam Thompson has been very very busy. Let’s take a look at his trolling shall we...

6 weeks ago we had the ‘cutesy’ pose. Head tilt and slaying in sequins. Who wore it better?

Two weeks later we had the LBD. I’m starting to feel quite jealous of how good Sam looks in a dress. Way better than me. Also, he has the facial expression down. Louise is still fighting back in the comments section, though – with a ‘yes you are a knob’ reply. Lolllll.

Two weeks ago…oh my God I can’t even. This is too good. Louise. Please – enough of these photos. Sam, please – more of these videos.

One week ago, my personal favourite. Firstly, someone give Sam a job in a video production team, this is top work. Secondly, Sam, you have just won at Instagram. Keep up the good work.

Three days ago we have this fine number. Just lying on the sofa, in a bikini, arms up all casj. As you do. May the Thompson siblings, please never stop trolling each other.

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