Jess And Toff From Made In Chelsea Talk Harry Potter And Spencer Matthews

They're back in Chelsea and things are going to get messy

Jess And Toff From Made In Chelsea Talk Harry Potter And Spencer Matthews

by Jess Commons |
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They’ve been to LA for their summer special and now they are baaack and it’s almost time to settle back down on our sofas with our favourite guilty pleasure. Yup, series 10 of Made in Chelsea is almost here.

Ahead of the new series we caught up with some of the crew to talk Harry Potter tattoos, break-ups and how Americans just don’t seem to understand British humour. Also, OLLIE LOCKE IS BACK!

The Debrief: Hey guys! Good to have you all back in London. Spencer, it was nice to see you back on the show because there have been rumours flying around that you weren’t going to come back this series. Do you know where they came from?

Spencer: No, as far as I’m aware the door is usually open and I enjoy filming [Made In Chelsea] so no, that was just a rumour.

**The Debrief: OK, awesome, and obviously there have been rumours that you and Lauren are over. Is there any truth in that? **

Spencer: Yeah we are, we are over.

The Debrief: How are you feeling? Are you back and ready to mingle?

Spencer: I don’t mind going out or having a bit of fun I suppose, but I want to be respectful to her. It came from me so I don’t know… she’s doing fine, I think. We don’t really talk much at the moment.

The Debrief: We’ve been hearing that there are some new people coming in. Is there anything in particular that you guys think we should keep a look out for in this new series?

Toff: Olli Locke is back!

Jess: [There’s a] new cast. One [of them] is really sassy!

The Debrief: That sounds like fun! That Olivia girl in LA was so mad, too…

Toff: She was so bonkers, no like, I actually couldn’t deal with how bonkers she was. She was scaring me a little bit; she was so sweet [so] I was trying to be polite to her.

The Debrief: All the Americans were so earnest! They don’t really understand sarcasm, do they?

Jess: You can make a joke and they’d just be like ‘whaat?’

Toff: They just didn’t get us! They thought that we were absolute freaks!

The Debrief: And Jess, what’s happened between you and Jamie since you’ve been back?

Jess: Same old, same old, like completely complicated. One minute we love each other; the next minute we hate each other. Bit of roller coaster, but we’re always inseparable.

The Debrief: Sam are you still interning for Jamie?

Sam: Ummm… no we’ve kind of parted ways. I mean, I didn’t really get fired, I don’t think; I was the best thing that happened to that company. My ideas were out of the box. I think he might be a bit too corporate for me.

Spencer: Jamie’s too corporate?!

Jess: This is the man who came to the office with kittens…

The Debrief: Haha! So what would your ideal job be then?

Sam: A YouTuber. Do you reckon you would watch it?

**The Debrief: Umm yes! So Toff, once you’ve finished uni and all that, do you think you’ll have to make a choice between Made In Chelsea and something else? **

Toff: I’ve [already] done things alongside [Made In Chelsea] like ghost writing. Potentially, if I’m good enough in the future that’s something that I’d like to do and it wouldn’t affect this, but we’ll have to see. I’ve still got two more years of my degree.

The Debrief: What do your families make of you guys being on the show and is it quite embarrassing having them see everything that’s going on in your personal lives?

Sam: My mum found out about my tattoo when she watched the show. She sent me a message saying, ‘Are you fucking kidding me?’

The Debrief: Talking about tattoos, Jess have you got a Harry Potter tattoo?

Jess: Uh yeah, I have two! I am literally obsessed!

The Debrief: Who’s your favourite character?

Jess: Mine would probably be Harry.

Sam: Mine would be Snape! What house do you reckon all of us would be in?

Jess: We’d be in Slytherin, you’d be in Hufflepuff!

Sam: What are you talking about? I’d be in Gryffindor, I’m courageous.

Spencer: You’d be a Hufflepuff through and through, a proud Hufflepuff!

Sam: I’d just get the deathly hallows and kill all of you.

The Debrief: Haha thanks guys, byeee!

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