Love Island Lingo: Your Ultimate Guide To Love Island Chat

Want to chat like your favourite Love Islanders (or at least be able to understand what they're on about?!) Then you need our guide to Love Island lingo

Love Island words slang

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If you’re often left wondering what the hell the islanders are talking about, then you need our guide to the Love Island lingo.

They really do sound like they’re speaking a totally different language sometimes, so here we give you the low-down on what those words and phrases really mean.

Love Island: 'the eagle', 'bev' and 'it is what it is' - what do they mean?


Love Island lingo: Your ultimate guide to Love Island chat

love island millie beach hut
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When two Islanders go 'exclusive' it means that they're only dating each other but still don't have the girlfriend/boyfriend label. It's the stage before going official with each other.

love island liberty beach hut
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The Love Island 2021 girls decided to use NVQ levels (aka National Vocational Qualification levels) as their code for sex in the villa. So Entry Level NVQ means a snog, NVQ1 means a sexual act using hands, NVQ2 is oral sex and NVQ3 is sex.

love island faye beach hut
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This one is pretty simple, The G means girlfriend. For example Faye is worried about the moment Teddy may or may not bring up 'The 'G question - aka asking her to be his girlfriend.

love island jake beach hut
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The Love Island 2021 boys decided to use football terms as code for sex in the villa. FYI - one nill means a sexual act performed on a fellow Islander, handball is a sexual act using hands, a header is oral sex and a streaker on the pitch is complete nudity.

hugo hammond
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This is basically when someone starts to move out of character in the villa. For example Toby being coupled up with Kaz, then dumping her for Chloe, then dumping her for Abigail.

amber gill
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People usually use this phrase to describe something as boring, dull or ugly however Amber insisted to Joanna (who she used it about) that it "doesn't necessarily mean I was commenting on your looks".

maura higgins
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Maura (one of our favourite ever contestants) has used it several times throughout series five and the Irish ring girl always says it when a guy has turned her on.

ovie soko
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Marj is slang for mum. After Michael mugged Amber off, Ovie questioned whether the firefighter would talk to his Marj like that. Fair play.

anton danyluk
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Usually used when a guy tries way too hard with a girl and ends up going all factor 50 on them. Anton decided to not go 'factor 50' when the Casa Amor girls arrived.

1. Bevy / Bev
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This new word has been introduced to the 2019 series by Lucie Donlan. The Newquay surfer uses the word 'bev' or 'bevvy' to describe hot menu2026She said, "A bev is a hot guy, if he's your boyfriend he's your bev, but if he's not your boyfriend, he's a bev."

2. The Eagle
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On Tuesday night's episode of Love Island, the game 'Slide in the DMs' revealed Curtis' favourite sex position, The eagle. Curtis confessed, "The eagle, that's my favourite romantic position, we shall say," he explained, looking a tad embarrassed.Whole of the UK Googles the eagle.

3. Mugged off / pied off
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When someone goes behind your back, or acts sneaky and plays you for a fool. Often mistaken for describing warm, humid weather.Use it in a sentence, "You started chatting her up when you know she's with me. You mugged me off, mate" OR "What you did back there, that was proper muggy". Love Island's Joe didn't want to be mugged off when Tommy Fury entered the villa and tried to swipe Lucie from him.

4. It is what it is
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Islander Sherif shrugged and declared, "it is what it is", when none of the girls stepped forward for him in the savage opening show on Monday night. Meaning 'there's nothing you can do about it', Sherif used the phrase again when Amber stepped forward for Callum and rejected him.

5. Loyal
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Georgia Steel from Love Island 2018 "I'm loyal" phrase will go down in history for the amount of times she used the words . "Loyal" describes someone who stays true to their Love Island partnership and friendships. However, the word took on a whole new meaning in series four as Georgia used it at every opportunity, claiming she was loyal above everything else.

6. Snakey
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When someone is being deceitful or sly behind your back. Don't panic, this isn't to be mistaken for actual reptiles in the villa."She's such a snake"In the villa, someone is 'snakey' if they make romantic advances towards a coupled up Islander.

7. The Do Bits Society/DBS
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The Do Bits Society, otherwise known as DBS, was a members-only club for Islanders who have successfully taken part in sexual contact. The club was founded in 2018 by Islander Wes Nelson after he had some fun under the sheets with Laura Anderson.The club went on to have daily meetings for other members to find out how their fellow islanders were getting on.

8. Drop me out
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Otherwise known as, "Oh My God!", Dani Dyer loved to use this phrase in the villa in 2018. The phrase is said to originate from Essex and it can be used to refer to something shocking or incorrect.

9. Eggs in baskets
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Literally every islander has uttered the phrase, "eggs in baskets" at some point and, although its pretty self-explanatory, we couldn't write a Love Island Dictionary without adding this one in there. It basically means to refer to your potential partners as 'eggs', so if you really like someone then you may put all your eggs in one basket.Use it in a sentence: "Are all your eggs in Alex's basket then? Or are there still some left over?"

10. On paper...
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When someone is your type, but there's just something missing. Use it in a sentence: "On paper, he is 100% my type"

11. Pranging out
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Something that gives you a sudden wave of anxiety and panic.Use it in a sentence: "When that new boy came in, I immediately started pranging out"

12. Melt
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If you're acting a bit pathetic and getting a bit soppy over a girl/boy, but not in a good way! Trying too hard, acting a bit desperate. Although we know its hot in Mallorca, the islanders aren't actually melting.Use it in a sentence: "You're such a melt" OR "The guy is a tuna MELT"

13. Ick
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If you've got the ick, the relationship is over. When you get a bad gut feeling about someone that you just can't shake off.Olivia Attwood broke up with Sam in 2017 because of the ick. She explained, "When you've seen a boy, and got the ick, it doesn't go. It's caught you, and it's taken over your body. It's just ick. You can't shake it off."

14. Stick it on him/her
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To make a move on someone (graft), flirt with someone or express desire/intent. Nothing to do with actually sticking anything on anyone.Note: this does not always result in a positive outcome...

15. Graft / Grafting
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When you put in the work with someone romantically. Not to be mistaken for doing actual hard work, which we know none of them are really doing during their seven weeks in the villa.Use it in a sentence,"I've been grafting all day" OR "You really gotta put in the graft with that one".

16. Salty
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If someone acts a bit off with you, acts a bit negatively towards you. Rarely used in the villa to describe a taste.Use it in a sentence, "Why you being so salty with me?"

17. Crack on
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To try and start a romantic relationship with someone.Use it in a sentence, "We're done now so you two can crack on."If an Islander is attracted to someone single who hasn't already been claimed by another cast mate, they're free to crack on.

18. Dicksand
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Like quicksand, 'dicksand' is what you get caught in when you're totally obsessed with a guy and can't get him out of your head.Love Island's Olivia Attwood introduced this phrase in 2017. She said, "I've fallen right into dicksand".

19. Extra
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When you take something too far, and are overdramatic about something. This one genuinely doesn't make any sense to us.Use it in a sentence, "Why are you getting so extra about it?"

20. A bit of me
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A bit of me is a phrase used by Islanders to indicate interest in a fellow Islander, most often soon after a new contestant has entered the villa. Someone tends to announce "He is a bit of me" or "she's a bit of me".

21. Catch Feelings
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Catching feelings refers to falling in love when you weren't supposed to or starting to like who you are matched with too soon.Olivia Attwood once said: "When a f***girl catches feelings, it ain't a pretty sight."

23. Where's your head at?
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Islanders will ask each other this question to find out how someone feels about you or find out how they're feeling about fellow contestants.

24. Aggy
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Contestants will use this word to refer to Islanders that are angry, agitated or aggravated. You could say, "she's so aggy today".

25. Wavey
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Wavey is just another word to describe someone as good looking.Casa Amor has had a slight revamp for 2019 and has new slogans on the walls, including 'wavey', 'catch feelings' and 'buff'.

Are you fully familiar with Love Island lingo now? Jolly good.

But how will we put our new found knowledge into practice? What time is Love Island on TV?

Love Island airs on ITV2 at 9pm every weekday. Most episodes will last one hour, but some will be longer throughout the series.

How can we watch Love Island if we don't want to chained to the sofa at 9pm?

As well as watching on live TV (imagine!) you can also view Love Island on the ITV Hub.

When's the end episode of Love Island?

The finale, you mean? In which the winner will be given a cool £50k, although we all know that the real money is made afterwards. Check out our Love Island's richest stars list and marvel at just how much cash is to be made off the back of the show.

The date of the last episode isn't yet known, but the show normally runs for about eight weeks, so the last one will be around the beginning of August.

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