Here’s How To Tell Love Island’s Twins Apart. You’re Welcome.

It's all in the eyes....


by Grazia |

Thank heavens, we've found a way to tell Jess and Eve Gale - the Love Island twins - apart. Last night the sisters, who seem pretty identical, did their fellow Islanders - and the rest of the country - a favour by letting them in to their tip to differentiate them from one another. And it comes down to the eyes.

The twins established this as they spoke with Mike Boateng, who entered the villa with the rest of the group on Sunday evening and got mixed up. 'Let me try and get it right,' he said, pointing at Eve. 'Jess?'

The girls corrected him, with Eve giving him some help. 'Jess has one blue eye and one green eye.' Incidentally, Mike's older brothers are twins, so he should probably be a bit better at telling people apart.

The sisters evidently didn't mind too much, as Jess ended up coupling up with Mike later on, splitting him from Leanne. That was, however, only after arguing with Eve over Callum. Evidently their tastes are identical too. Eve won out, though, coupling up with Callum and leaving Shaughna single. This was all observed by new host Laura Whitmore.

The twins have made it clear that they will not fall out over men. 'For every single girl, whether you know them or not, be kind, considerate and understanding,' Jess says. 'For your closest friends, it’s stepped up. And with Eve it’s stepped up even more by 1000%. If there’s a guy that’s upset Eve, he is cancelled in my books.' Eve repeats the sentiment.

'With Jess, I have the ultimate girl code. If someone upset her I’d never speak to them again. In the villa, I won’t be snakey towards a girl but, if I like a guy, I would say.'

Will there be future mix-ups? Stay tuned...

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