Love Island: Is This Why Contestants Sometimes Lose Weight In The Villa?

A former Islander has revealed more about their meal times.

love island weight loss

by Lydia Spencer-Elliott |
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When Love Island contestants enter the villa, the first thing you often clock is abs and biceps— these people are in peak physical condition. And many fans have begun to notice that some Islanders are slimming down even further during their time in the villa despite already having been on diets and training programmes before the season starts.

Now, one of this year's Casa Amor bombshells, Chyna Mills has revealed why she thinks she lost weight throughout her time on the show: 'I barely ate in the villa, hence why I lost so much weight,' she told her Instagram followers. 'Some nights were alright, I’m sure we had a kebab one night. The lunch was s***.'

And despite viewers often seeing Davide whip up carbonara during this years' series, Chyna claimed that she wasn't able to make food for herself after what was on offer wasn't 'to her liking'. However, an ITV spokesperson has reiterated that contestants often make food for themselves.

Previously, Islanders have told reporters that while they can cook breakfast for themselves (let's not forget this year's epic pancake battle between Ekin-Su and Nathalia) and snack on meat, cheese, crisps and ice cream, the food on offer for lunch and dinner is a buffet with no menu.

'The only thing I thought was a bit weird was that at dinner time the boys and girls were separated,' Connagh Howard previously told Grazia. 'My favourite meal was this Greek tapas one day for the lunch and I absolutely loved it.

'The food was lovely out there,' he continued, contradicting Chyna's claims. 'We do have to be monitored on what we eat just to make sure that everyone in the house is eating sufficient amounts. So nobody is going to get ill. Lunch and dinner were not shown because we had to eat certain amounts.'

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