Love Island’s Anna Vakili Nearly Died During Brazillian Bum Lift Surgery

‘It was like a murder scene’

Anna Vakili Love Island BBL

by Lydia Spencer-Elliott |

The Brazilian Bum Lift or BBL is the fastest growing surgery in the world, but it’s also the most dangerous. And Love Island’s Anna Vakili has revealed that she almost died from her second BBL procedure in Turkey.

Speaking on theSisters In The Citypodcast that she hosts with her sibling Mandi, she explained: ‘A Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer where they take fat from other parts of your body and they put it into your bum. When we first did it, it was really good. We went to a really good place in London, a reputable surgeon, recovery… good. Minimal scarring. I don’t regret that first one. It made me feel better, it made me feel confident,’ she said. ‘We went too far when we did it again.’

For their second surgery, which usually costs up to £8,000, Mandi and Anna wanted a cheaper option and went abroad to Turkey. ‘Do your research thoroughly,’ Mandi warned. ‘If it’s cheap, it’s cheap for a reason.’

Detailing their terrifying near-death experience, Anna said: ‘Me and Mandi thought we were going to die abroad. It was very scary. After oursurgery, within a day or two, we were in a hotel room about to faint with blood all over. It was like a murder scene, we both collapsed in the hotel room. Bandaged up, bleeding… it was like a horror movie.’

Warning her fans to think before they followed in her footsteps, Anna added: ‘So many people die. It’s one of the most invasive surgical procedures, a BBL, and it’s one of the most complicated and dangerous ones, so don’t take the decision lightly. Without surgery, you have a body that’s not full of scars.’

Last August, a task force found that BBLs have the highest death rate of any aesthetic surgery, with one in 3,000 people passing away after the procedure. And many of these have been in the UK.

‘Anyone thinking of having a fat-graft buttock augmentation should await the emergence of further evidence,’ BAAPS president Paul Harris said in 2019. ‘Around the world, there are still patient deaths as a result of this procedure and patient safety should not be compromised.’

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