I Can’t Believe The Love Is Blind Finale Actually Happened

The chaotic energy was off the scale.

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by Bonnie McLaren |
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Love Is Blind is the most cursed show on TV - but within the first five minutes of watching the first episode, I knew - for the worse - that it was the show for me. Mix 'love', American accents, literally all of the trashiest reality formats, with incredibly high stakes - and you have a match made in heaven. ‘It’s not all about physical attraction in the long run,’ Barnett, the show’s designated player/frat boy, says within the first two minutes, ‘it’s about who’s holding your hand on your deathbed.’

That’s the kind of energy which radiates through the whole series, the contestants treat marriage like it’s a matter of life and death. It’s not, obviously. But that all or nothing attitude does make the show incredibly entertaining.

Long story short, if you haven’t watched it, the show is like a mix of The Circle and Married At First Sight, contestants date each other, without being able to see each other, and then... propose. The rest of the series builds up to the big reveal: will they say ‘I do’ at the altar?

If you have been watching the show, then it’s unlikely that you were disappointed by the finale, which is genuinely the most batshit piece of television I have ever seen - and that really is saying something as I grew up when shouting 'BOGIES!' in public libraries was high-caliber banter a la Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow.

All the marriages - there's five - start the same. The women are being beautifully made up - all with various intensities of false eyelash - with their families all cooing around them. Because the gender stereotypes really are amped up to the tenth degree on the show, the men, however, are chilling in wine cellars, looking pensive, as they seriously consider the love of their life, who they have only known for five weeks.

Then, the wedding hall then fills up with their nearest and dearest - before the bride walks down the aisle. The final episode is so truly, truly brilliant/terrible because you have to wait until they parrot back the vows to find out if Love truly Is Blind. (As expected, the answer varies massively.)

There is a hall of shocked and horrified in-laws genuinely not knowing what is going to happen. (The music is horrendously tense - whoever scored the episode should be given an Emmy - as it only makes you want to tear your hair out even more.) And I’m not going to spoil it (if you haven’t watched it yet), but one of the couples I was genuinely surprised when they said ‘I do’.

Watching the show made me shriek at my desk, because I just couldn’t wait to watch it until I got home. I still can’t really believe this programme has been made - and that we are all blessed/cursed enough to watch it on Netflix.

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