There’s A New Louis Theroux Documentary On The Way And It’s All About Anorexia

There's one more programme from the documentary king to come, and it'll be on your screens sooner than you think

New Louis Theroux Documentary On The Way And It’s All About Anorexia

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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Dear old Louis Theroux is very good at keeping us on our toes, isn’t he?

After a really long wait for some more television magic from the king of documentary himself, we were overwhelmed by excitement and curiosity when Louis announced earlier this year that he’d be back on our screens for a three-part series - Louis Theroux: Dark States. As the last episode already draws near and we anticipate another Theroux shaped hole in our television schedules, the sinking feeling we get every time we have to say goodbye to our favourite docu-person (just us?) is just starting to grow.

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But, before we all fall into our pits of post-Theroux despair, we have some brilliant news. There’s another documentary on the way. Yes, a whole other Louis Theroux documentary that we didn’t even know about. And it’ll be coming to a screen near you in just a matter of weeks.

On 29 October (yes, that soon) Louis Theroux: Talking To Anorexia, will be broadcast on BBC 2.

The one-off episode is set to be an hour long and will see Louis Theroux talking to people at St Ann’s Hospital and Vincent Square Clinic, two of the biggest adult eating-disorder treatment facilities in London. With about 1.6 million people in the UK suffering an eating disorder, there’s no doubt about the importance of addressing the topic matter. That said, I’m sure we’re all equally aware of the difficult and sensitive nature of conditions such as anorexia, too.

‘As he spends more time with patients both on and off the wards, he witnesses the dangerous power that anorexia holds over them, leaving some unsure about whether recovery is achievable or even wanted.’ says the BBC. ‘And as Louis seeks to understand what lies behind this mysterious illness, he finds himself drawn into a complex relationship between the disorder and the person it inhabits.

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