Louis Theroux Is Doing Another Jimmy Savile Documentary

The documentary maker is set to explore why Jimmy did the things he did

Louis Theroux Is Doing Another Jimmy Savile Documentary

by Jess Commons |
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Even if you were too young at the time - you've almost certainly gone back and watched Louis Theroux's When Louis Met... series. From the Hamiltons (bonkers) to Max Clifford (equally so), the series of documentaries was a surreal view inside the lives of some of the UK's most prolific figures.

The epsiode that got most attention is When Louis Met Jimmy from 2000. If you haven't seen it, a very young-looking Louis spends some time with now dead Top Of The Pops host Jimmy Savile - now best known for the hundred of allegation of sexual abuse that have been filed against him. In it, Louis asks Jimmy about the rumours of sexual misconduct (proof that they were doing the rounds in media circles even back then) only for Jimmy to deny them.

Now though, four years after his death, Louis is going back to the subject of Jimmy with a new film he's making for BBC Two. After the original documentary aired, Louis and Jimmy remained friends until 2004, and Louis met many of his friends, family and victims - who it's promised he'll speak to in the film.

According to the BBC, Louis will 'try to understand the personality of a man who was able to commit such a spectrum of sexual crimes; how someone he once called a friend used his celebrity status to commit these crimes; and how the power of this public image afforded him immunity.'

The announcement then went on to say 'Louis will also explore the impact those crimes had on his victims, and the legacy of their revelations.'

There's no word yet on when we can expect the film but here's hoping it helps provide some closure for some of the victims involved.

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