Another Alleged Victim Opens Up About Her Experience With Baby Reindeer’s Real-Life Martha

'How did I manage to cope with that for so long?'

Laura Wray Baby Reindeer interview

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A woman called Laura Wray has opened up about her alleged stalking ordeal at the hands of Baby Reindeer's real-life Martha Scott, Fiona Harvey.

Grazia is choosing to name Fiona after she revealed her identity to The Daily Record earlier this month and was subsequently interviewed on Piers Morgan Uncensored last Thursday.

Now, Laura - who is the widow of former Labour MP Jimmy Wray - has recounted her experience with Fiona to The Mirror, with the publication reporting that the former's purported stalking hell lasted for five years before she secured an interim injunction against the latter in 2002. But the bombshell Piers Morgan interview has dredged up bad memories of the past, as Laura said, 'I hadn’t thought about [Fiona] for years. I had forgotten so much of it. Every time someone says a comment, it triggers it again. Memories of things that she did. Some of her actions. It’s pretty distressing. Watching her last night [on Piers], how did I manage to cope with that for so long?

Laura Wray and Jimmy Wray
Laura Wray and Jimmy Wray ©Alamy

'My partner and I are concerned about what she might do next. Is she going to come after me? She is posting things on Facebook accusing me of all sorts, and of being abusive. You don’t know where it will end.'

Laura claimed that issues between her and Fiona - a lawyer whose surname used to be Muir-Harvey - arose in 1997 when she gave her a two-week trial at her Glasgow law firm. After Fiona was allegedly fired for abuse, Laura purported she bombarded her with phone calls and defamed her to other solicitors. It then escalated further, with Laura claiming that Fiona reported her to social services after fabricating a 'bizarre allegation' that she'd hit her son - who is disabled - in the back of the car while she was driving. 'Eventually it was all dropped but that’s when I went for an interim injunction. Thankfully, it worked. She didn’t defend it. We never heard any more from her,' Laura said.

Fiona also faces allegations that she sent Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer hundreds of emails between January and August 2020. While Keir Starmer's office has not responded to the claims, The Sun has reported that it has evidence of Fiona's email correspondence and alleges that some of the messages are threatening.

Allegations leveraged at Fiona come as a result of the smash hit Netflix series Baby Reindeer, which stars Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning and charts the comedian's experience of stalking and sexual abuse through the fictional characters Donny Dunn and Martha Scott. While Laura watched the show play out, she said it was 'obvious' to her and a 'lot of other people' that Martha had been inspired by 'her stalker'. Laura also believes that her alleged experience indirectly featured in Baby Reindeer via a fictional newspaper article headlined: 'Sick stalker targets barrister’s deaf child'. With this in mind, Laura admitted she was shocked Netflix 'didn't try to hide the stalker's identity' and asserted they 'haven't done enough to protect her'.

Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning Baby Reindeer
Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning Baby Reindeer ©Scott Garfitt/BAFTA via Getty Images

Fiona has called the seven-part series a 'work of fiction' and alleged that it is 'very defamatory to her' and 'damaging' her career. She is understood to have refuted last night that the aforementioned Facebook messages to Laura were abusive, while also claiming that there was no interim injunction against her down to an issue with the paperwork.

Fiona has also maintained that she will be taking legal action against both Richard and Netflix.

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