Why Are We Suddenly Debating How ‘Youthful’ Judy Finnigan May Or May Not Look?

Judy is being set up by certain articles, claiming she has undergone a 'youthful makeover'.

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by Bonnie McLaren |
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Unless you've had no access to social media, or not switched on the TV within the past week, you'll probably know that Richard Madeley is currently starring on I'm A Celebrity. The presenter, 65, is a perfect pick for the show - with most people comparing him to Steve Coogan's bumbling news personality Alan Partridge.

In typical Richard Madeley style, he's also been name-dropping the name of his wife, Judy Finnigan, while he's been in Gwrych Castle. (And tbh why wouldn't he? The pair were part of this country's most famous married presenting couple - bar, erm, Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford and pop-group super couple Rochelle and Marvin Humes.)

There have also been a flurry of articles about Judy watching her husband on I'm A Celeb. Judy posted a sweet pic of her and her family - including her daughter Chloe{ =nofollow}, 34, son Jack, 35, and his three-year-old son Kit - sitting down to watch I'm A Celeb. But, while the articles focused on the cuteness of the pic, the tabloids went in on their headlines on the 72-year-old's 'youthful makeover'. Another said, in a headline, she was showing off her 'age-defying' appearance. (All she was doing was posing for a nice picture with her family - she was hardly showing off the results of a plastic surgery makeover.)

But, predictably, these headlines have rattled some people on social media, who have started to comment mean things about Judy's appearance (which was probably the intention of the headlines), with reams and reams of nasty comments - mostly from men.

Let's be clear: Judy does look great. But to imply she only looks great, because she looks 'youthful', points out how obsessed our society is with women looking young. It doesn't matter whether you're 25 or 85, as women, we're always sold that to be attractive, we have to look like we're still in school (and invest in surgery/eye cream).

But women, no matter their age, are under no obligation to look youthful, and it's a ridiculous narrative. We all get older, that's a fact - and that's fine. But what's not fine is shaming women for what their faces look like as they age - or implying that everyone is so desperate to look youthful. No matter our age, let us be. We don't owe anyone 'age-defying' looks.

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