Jennifer Aniston Didn’t Even Play Rachel Green In Friends. Is Anything Even Real

And Courteney Cox didn't play Monica. What is even going on in the world.

Jennifer Aniston Didn't Even Play Rachel Green In Friends. Is Anything Even Real

by Jess Commons |
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What the bloody hell is going on today? I didn’t get Busted tickets, it’s Friday the 13th and every single thing I knew about my youth has turned out to be a massive lie.

See, blogger Jordan D’Amico, who must have the most eagle-like eyes humans can have without you know, actually being an eagle, spotted the below clip in Friends epsiode The One With The Mugging (the one where Phoebe realised she mugged Ross 15 years ago for his comic SCIENCE BOY, and the one where Chandler tries out loads of advertising straplines: ‘They’re so uncomfortable, it’s like getting kicked in the nuts, for your feet!’).

In the clip, as you can see WITH YOUR OWN TWO EYES, Rachel is not played by Jennifer Aniston, but by some imposter lady with equally good hair.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Check out the below clip of ‘Monica’ being played by Not Courteney Cox. Outrageous scenes.

How much else of Friends was a massive lie? Loads probably. Like, was the person in the turkey doing a little shimmy actually Monica? Probably not. Because if you’re getting paid a million dollars an episode and you can’t even sit on a couch to talk to Phoebe, then you’re sure as hell not going to stick your head up a turkey’s vagina.

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