Insurgent Is Out This Weekend, Here Are All The Best Bits (In Case You CBA To See It)

Tris and the rest of the Divergents are back


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There may be guns, huge fire blowing machine guns. And there may be men, built like tanks, who can crush walls and your skull. Oh, and there may also be an evil Kate Winslet wanting to put you in a glass room and beat the crap out of you until you open a box. But nothing, nope none of these things, are your enemy as much as you are your own. That’s basically what the whole of Insurgent - the second in the Divergent Trilogy staring the very kickass Shailene Woodley - boils down to. Of course, there is a bit more to it than that. Here’s some things to watch out for:

Tris has gone all 'short hair, don't care'

The film starts with Tris reliving the pain of watching her mum and dad die in film one. Her way of dealing with it? Grab some scissors and chopping off her locks. It suits her, and Four says he likes it too, though we’re not entirely sure we believe him - Tris doesn't care eitherway. Mainly, we’re just impressed that some blunt looking garden sheers can produce such a cute pixie crop with low lights. Is there no end to Tris’s talents?


Four is as buff as ever

He’s got those badass tats, and brooding anger. And he believes in Tris, even when she doesn’t believe in herself. Plus everyone’s a bit scared of him – when a guy approaches Tris and asks where Four is she says he’s 'doing scary boyfriend things’. God, we wish we could use that line about our BFs. He also goes up in our books as it turns out his mum isn’t dead after all and is actually the leaders of a factionless army. Handy when you need to rescue your loved one from that glass tank Kate Winslet’s got her in. One downer on the whole Four thing is that it's revealed that Four's real name is Tobias Eaton. Yep, Four is a bit of a posh dick. Damn.


We’re not sure we’d pass the lying serum test

Four and Tris have to prove they're telling the truth to the leader of Candor (the fraction all about truth) so offers themselves up to take a dose of truth serum. Obviously Four passes with flying colours - damn him and his perfect tats. But Tris, well, she struggles with some lying demons. Turns out she’s told a porky to her best mate Christina aka Zoe Kravitz. We mean who hasn’t lied to their mates? Ours go - Mate: ‘Where’s my top?’ Us: ‘erm, no idea’. Where Tris’ is more like - Christina: ‘Did you kill the man I’m in love with’ Tris: ‘Nope not me’. Then lying serum takes hold and Tris is like 'Yep, yep it was me, I shot him'. Moral of the story? Don't lie if truth serum exists in the world.

Suki Waterhouse pops in

Ok, the scene doesn't last long but she look great (obviously) with an amazing side plait. Sadly she kills herself when a programmed chip embedded in her brain by evil Kate Winslet tells her to do so. Still she dies with skill, so clearly the start of strong acting career.


Caleb is a bad runner/shit fighter/all round bit of a dick

The running is very floundering and pathetic. Much like the whole of Ansel Elgort's character Caleb. He’s just so boringly meagre; Tris nearly gets killed, he does nothing. Tris is in prison, he helped put her there. This all goes to prove; Tris got all the good genes, and brothers are very annoying.

Naomi Watts looks great as a brunette

Now we’re not intentionally making this whole review about hair - but really her dark bob is brilliant. She plays Four’s supposedly dead mum – who actually faked her death and now leads the factionless army. She wants her son Tobias back and saves the day.


There’s life outside the wall

Sorry! Major spoiler alert, so we wont go on about this one too much but let’s just say there’s plent of shit left to happen in film three - oh and film four if IMDB if correct, which is it normally is.

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