Hunger Games Bragging Rights: The Bits To Watch Out For When You Go And See It Tonight

How to impress/annoy your friends on the way to the cinema tonight


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It’s here! It’s finally here! The Hunger Games 3, Mockingjay Part 1 (awkward title, great film) is out in cinemas as of now which means you can finally get the YA post-apocalyptic fix you’ve been yearning for since this time last year.

Here’s the bits to know to watch out for to impress/annoy all your friends with on the way to the cinema. No spoilers – honest.

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Julianne Moore being fan-freaking-tastic

As Alma Coin, the head of District 13 where Katniss, Gale, Finnick and Prim are now living, Julianne Moore is everything you’ve ever hoped for in your grown-up self. With golden contacts in her eyes and a white streak in her slick grey hair, she’s elegance personified. Plus, ruling 10,000 people and staging a revolution against the most hard ass dictatorship of all time? All in a day’s work. Alma for president. She even manages to get Haymitch off the booze.

The reason Natalie Dormer got that batshit haircut

People have been making fun of Game Of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer for her half-shaved head since she first took it for an outing on the red carpet a few months back. But, put it in the context of her dissident filmmaker character Cressida in the film and the whole thing finally makes sense. Props for the head tattoos too.

The costumes. Oh gosh, the costumes

Gone are the flaming couture dresses crafted by the dexterous hands of Lenny Kravitz, instead, in this new age of revolution, the citizens of District 13 have gone all Communist China with military issue tailored boiler suits (Effie is NOT happy about this BTW). Plus, Katniss’ new uniform to wear as the posterchild for the revolution? Our new Halloween costume for years to come.

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Some really brutal stuff

Thought a bunch of teenagers massacring each other in the woods was hardcore for a teen film? Try point blank executions by firing squads, the gunning down of a crowd of rebels and the extermination of an entire district (the aftermath of which is shown in all it's grim and gloomy horror). Not one for the faint hearted.

Liam Hemsworth

Has something happened to this chap over the past year? Sure we’ve always admired thought, ‘Hm, yes Gale, you’re a man of much attraction’ and then forgotten all about it, but now in this film? Oof, bestill our beating heart. Proper grown-up, brave with a wounded heart and a lock of hair that falls perfectly across his forehead, we’re one breath away from giving Katniss a jolly good talking to for not being able to see that he’s absolutely The One.

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