4 Reasons Why You Should Binge Watch Netflix’s Love Tonight

Can Gus Gus and Mickey navigate the complicated web of Millenial living

XXX Reasons Why Your Should Binge Watch Netflix's Love Tonight

by Jess Commons |
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Netflix's Love is the show that you've been waiting for; what you watch when you run out of Girls, the smart, observational comedy that gets you, your life and these ridiculous times we live in.

Made by Judd Apatow who, as you well know, has a massive hand in Lena Dunham's *Girls, * Love is less female focussed, more comedic and, this time around, is set in LA. Super cool neighbourhood Echo Park to be exact. Leonardo Dicaprio grew up there. So did Shia LaBeouf.

Anyways, Gus (played by Paul Rust) is an awkward, self-hating wannabe writer who makes as a teacher to bratty kid actors on the set of a crappy TV show. Mickey is assistant to the Californian radio version of Graham Torrington's Late Night Love. Both are newly single, neither are happy. Here's why you need to get invovled in their lives.

1. The cast of Love is played excellently and you hate them because they're you

Played by Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust, Mickey and Gus are the worst. Mickey is a narcissistic hellcat with sentiments self indulgence that would impress even a Kardashian and Gus Gus? Gus Gus is so scared to choose a side of the fence you feel like ramming him down in the middle of one, right in the crotch region.

But, and back up a little - just look at the way Gus says 'thank you' to waiters like, a bazillion times. Is that exactly what you did when you went to that fancy shirt-and-tie restaurant you felt really uncomfortable at? And, isn't the way Mickey drags her hapless flatmate Bertie along on a studio tour just so she can see Gus exactly the sort of thing you did (or considered doing) when you got dumped by that guy? Yep. You're seeing your flaws on screen and it's making you uncomfortable.

2. The Love soundtrack is excellent and you need to educate yourself immediately

A mix of old and new, there's everything from Jamie XX to the Beastie Boys and The Violent Femmes. A good one to have on if people are coming over and you feel like looking cool but not making one little bit of effort. See, you're adopting Mickey's way of thinking already. My fave? Biz Markie's Just A Friend.

3. Love's episode called Andy doesn't make much sense unless you've got some context.

Andy has probably been the most talked about episode over in the States, mainly because of the allegations of sexual harrassment against the star of the episode, comedian Andy Dick who is recognisable probably to you but without understanding why. The comedian has played the part of 'that guy' in numerous films you've seen including _Ted, Road Trip, Old Schoo_l and Zoolander. However, as Caroline Framke pointed out in Vox, Andy Dick has also been accused of sexual assault on many occasions including the time he was dragged off Jimmy Kimmel's show after groping Ivanka Trump and the other time he was accused of groping the breast of a seventeen year old girl.

Andy's inclusion on the show has been confusing to many considering the Andy on the show gives a fairly lengthy description of comitting sexual assault and because Judd Apatow has been a vocal critic of Bill Cosby. The director tweeted in 2014, 'I am pretty sure I have had sex with less people than he raped.'

4. Love Season 2 is already on the cards

Phew. Particularly pertinent if you've already binged the whole thing (hello). Due to come out in 2017 (boo), another ten episodes have already been commissioned.

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