Here’s The Best Things That Are Set To Be Added To Netflix This Month

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Here's The Best Things That Are Set To Be Added To Netflix This Month

by Jess Commons |
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Miserable that you’ve got to wait a whole two weeks until the next bank holiday? Tough life eh? Nevermind kids; we’ve rounded up the best of the best of all the new things that are going to be on Netflix this month so you can have something to look forward to.

Web Junkie

Ever needed a reason to give up the internet? Let this documentary be it. Set in the world of China’s 400 internet addiction rehabilitation centres this film explores people who’ve lost their lives to the internet as they come to terms with how much their obsession with being online has affected both them and their family.

From 1st May

Grace & Frankie

Just in case you were wondering what the whole Hannah’s dad being gay from a different perfective, check out Grace and Frankie, Netflix’s new original comedy show about two women in their seventies who find out that their husbands have fallen in love and want to get married. Starring Jane Fonda and Martin Sheen it’s as funny as it is touching.

From 8th May

    Just come back from the bank holiday and need something to make your own family seem a bit less bonkers? Check out Adore for two families you’ll be very glad you’re not a part of. Best friends from childhood Robin Wright and Naomi Watts are both grown up with very good looking teenage sons of their own. The next obvious step? Why, embark on relationships with each others’ sons of course. Settle in for an uncomfortable watch with this dark and disturbing Australian film.

    From 11th May

    World War Z

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU MISSED BRAD PITT’S DIRECTORIAL DEBUT IN CINEMAS? Let’s hope you manage to find a spare two hours to fit this in before you next bump into either him, Angelina and/or any of the kids (which considering the amount of them there is will only be a matter of time). World War Z is big LOUD and, while not the life-changing zombie production that something like The Walking Dead is, is a perfectly adequate way to spend a hungover Sunday.

    From 21st May

    Meet The Mormons

    I mean, this film is certainly not good. In fact it was pretty much slated across the board. But the fact that it was paid for by the Mormon Church and is about the Mormon Church means it's a must-watch for anyone fascinated by the fastest growing religion in the world. Following the lives of six 'ordinary' (hmm) Mormons, it takes you from the US to Nepal to Costa Rica in an attempt to introduce others to what being a Mormon around the world really means.

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