Just Apparating Our Way Into This Harry Potter Boudoir Shoot

Errrrrr what a way to spice up your TuesdayPhotos by Sarah Hester

Just Apparating Our Way Into This Harry Potter Boudoir Shoot

by Alyss Bowen |
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Please stop whatever you are doing and cast your eyes over this Harry Potter photo shoot. Errrrrr what a way to spice up your Tuesday. Oklahoma City based photographer Sarah Hester met this extremely attractive male model, Zachary Howell (great name) but couldn’t for the life of her remember his name, so she decided to name him Harry. Ergo, the Harry Potter bedroom photoshoot idea was born. And now it’s gone viral, because that’s what happens when you put the words ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘male model’ in a headline.

Just going to leave this here


Don’t mind me just checking for any new moles

BRB taking a nap after quidditch.

Putting a spell on you

Apparently the Harry Potter dream team duo are working on new material which may or may not be a calendar. Sarah admitted to Cosmpolitan.comthat this was her first ever shoot with a guy, and she confirmed that Zach was ‘really awesome and super fun to be around.’ Well isn’t that delightful – work together again please, the world needs more Harry Potter photoshoots.

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