Gwyneth Paltrow Admits Taking MDMA With Husband Brad Falchuk In Her New Show

The Goop Lab is available to watch next Friday.

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by Bonnie McLaren |

We only have a week until The Goop Lab premieres on Netflix - and we’re starting to get a clear idea of what we can expect from the series. From the looks of the trailer, the six episodes are going to be suitably bonkers, with the teaser clip promising us a look at Goop's more unconventional wellness practises, such as cold therapy and energy healing.

Another of the things she looks at is psychedelics, as a group of Goop employees sample magic mushrooms. In a preview obtained by The Sun, Gwyneth is told drugs can help people reconnect with deep-seated issues, with the actress claiming she has some of her own. ‘Being the person people perceive me to be is inherently traumatic,’ she says. ‘You know, so I think that lack of connection you describe, that is so pervasive now.’

She also admits that she took MDMA - the main chemical in Ecstasy - with her now-husband Brad Falchuk while she was in Mexico. ‘It was actually very, very emotional,’ the Oscar winning actress says. ‘I was with my then-boyfriend, who’s now my husband, and he’s a very empathetic, very profoundly wise person and he was able to help me through it. But it does make me think there’s so much to unearth if I did it.’

So, what else can we expect from the wellness guru? 'The Goop Lab explores the universal questions we’re inherently curious about,' GP previously said in a statement about the show. 'We took the open-minded approach that we’ve cultivated at Goop and applied a different, visual lens with Netflix. In the process, we found new ways to answer this: How do we make the most of our lives?'

Watch the whole (intense af) trailer below - and if the programme is anything like what the trailer promises it to be, then we can't wait.

The Goop Lab is available from January 24 on Netflix.

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