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12 Non-Scientific Predictions About This Year's Bake Off Contestants

© Instagram @britishbakeoff

The class of 2018 are here! This year's Great British Bake Off contestants have finally been unveiled by Channel Four (yes, one season in, it still feels strange that this televisual national treasure could be found anywhere other than the BBC, but that's a whole other story...) ahead of the series' launch next Tuesday, 28th August.

Among this year's cohort of 12 hopefuls are the usual Bake Off types: the kindly older lady with jazzy fashion sense, the baking dad, the well put-together twenty-somethings. Look at them, all wide-eyed, hopeful and eager to please, before they've experienced the crushing grief of being told by Paul Hollywood that their bake is 'actually a bit disappointing, like.' They even seem like they might laugh at Noel Fielding's stream-of-consciousness banter. Or at least pretend to.

Though it's of course impossible to know much about the contestants at this stage - other than the fact that they'll inevitably provide us with some generic office chat for Wednesday mornings to come - that hasn't stopped us from making some wild generalisations about what their future on the show will hold...

Who are this year's Great British Bake Off contestants?