Okay, We’re Calling It. Flo Is Gone. Bake Off Is Over.

Not a single member of Team Debrief stayed awake through the whole of Great British Bake Off last night. Something is clearly wrong.

Okay, We’re Calling It. Flo Is Gone. Bake Off Is Over.

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The Great British Bake Offis, in essence, still great. We had our reservations about what the move from BBC over to Channel 4 would mean for the show we love so dearly. Despite the new structural glitches that initially rubbed the nation the wrong way, by the end of episode one the warm familiarity of watching a group of strangers bake a shit load of cake outweighed the stress of there being too many ad breaks, each not quite long enough to nip to the loo or make a decent brew.

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We got through biscuit week quite happily and enjoyed the reprisal of Paul’s lecture on the importance of an audible ‘snap’. And then, before we knew it, we’d once again arrived at Bread Week. The week where the actual amateurs are separated from the ones who are a little bit too good to describe as such. But, you know what guys, I’m sorry. We just didn’t take to it.

Granted, the Bake Off’s innuendo game was dramatically upped this week…

But beyond the memes and the lols we shared over the mention of bums, fingering and a penis shaped bread snails, we must admit to you dear readers, that not a single member of Team Debrief watched the entire episode of GBBO this week.

Some of us were out and about, some of us were busy cooking, two of us admitted to falling asleep before the contestants had even started their showstoppers and one of us completely forgot it was even Bake Day. Clearly, it seems everyone over here at Debrief HQ is nowhere near as excited about Bake Off as we once were. The glory days of rushing home to make the opening credits seem to be behind us, and we're only at week three. The crude playground puns may be back but there’s a certain magic that appears to have disappeared. I know, we’re sad about it too.

And the nail in the squid ink flavoured focaccia bread coffin was without a doubt the loss of Flo, the shining light of the Channel 4 era of Bake Off. Flo was our favourite for so many reasons, but right up there had to be the fact that we wanted her to be our nan as much as we wanted to be boozy BFFs and that she was probably the most relatable contestant of the lot. For those of us who were still awake, watching Flo tear up in her goodbye VT at the end of the show was the most heartbreaking farewell we've seen on our screens this side of the final episode of Friends when everyone leaves their keys on the table. And I don't think we're okay with it.

Flo, we'll miss you. And Bake Off, it feels like it's a goodbye to you too.

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