Give Shots The Heave Ho And More Excellent Health Tips From The Made In Chelsea Gang

Now bonafide fitness gurus (they've got their own fitness DVD), the gang give us tips on how to be healthy in 2015

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In terms of being a celebrity; you know you’ve really made it when you’ve when you’ve got yourself an exercise DVD right? So congratulations then to Spencer, Lucy, Binky and Proudlock of Made in Chelsea fame who’ve just released their first full-length fitness DVD; MIC .

Compared to say, the old Hollyoaks fitness DVD with Mandy and Debbie wearing not a lot and bouncing around to hip hop songs, MIC is actually a proper workout (trust us, things did not go well when we tried it). It consists of four different 20 minute workouts that include High Intensity Training (get ready to see grown-sausage man Spencer Matthews sweat buckets) to Binky doing a fun thing called Tabata and erm, Lucy's workout called 'Get Toned In Time For St. Tropez'. Naturally. Although for us with our budget it's more likely to be 'Slim down in time for Southend'.

We caught up with the guys to get some tips on how to be healthy while still living the pardy lifestyle. ‘We are 20 somethings and we have a lot of fun going out with our friends,’ says Binky. ‘There are ways to adapt though, like by not drinking so much. Try to give yourself a drink limit – which I know is difficult sometimes! Just like, not doing shots and drinking vodka lime and sodas instead of a glass of wine which is 90-something calories.’

On the DVD, it’s the boys doing the more advanced versions of the workout but Proudlock’s quick to dismiss any notion of the girls not being capable, ‘The could probably out-gym us!’ Check out the video for more.

MIC is out now on DVD and Digital HD through Universal Pictures

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