Which Gilmore Girls Characters Are Returning For The Reboot?

Yep, we’ve all turned into 12-year-old girls again and yes, the new series will bring back all of Rory’s exes. (We’re still #teamjess)

Which Gilmore Girls Characters Are Returning For The Reboot?

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It’s been nine years since we were last invested in small American town Stars Hollow and its adorably wholesome residents - and just think how much life has changed for us, let alone for all of them.

So when Netflix (god bless you) announced they were going to revive the series with a four episode-run, social media practically had a seizure. Who will return? Wtf happened in the finale again!? What can we expect? Here, we answer all your burning questions.

What happened at the end of Gilmore Girls?

Rory (played by the eternally youthful looking Alexis Bledel) was the epitome of geek chic and had a love life juicier than a satsuma. Last we saw, she rejected loveable privileged Yale boy Logan (Matt Czuchry) when he proposed and decided to run off to work on Barack Obama’s campaign instead. Fair play, R.

But, she also reignited the flame with her first love, adorable-but-bit-of-a-wet-blanket Dean (Jared Padalecki) who cheated on his wife Lindsay (Arielle Kebbel), with her.

And then there’s Jess. The name that makes hardcore Gilmore fans eternally swoon. Played by Heroes’ Milo Ventimigilia, he was the stereotypical bad boy teen sent to live with his uncle Luke (Scott Patterson – more on him later) who no one trusted to look after saccharine-sweet Rory. Thanks to his emotional baggage, the pair never quite worked out but he was the one who knocked sense into Rory when Logan’s dad, Mitchum Huntzberger, told her she didn’t have what it took to become a journalist - which sent her into her quarter-life crisis and saw her quit Yale, and even more shockingly, quit her mum, Lorelai (Lauren Graham).

So boys, balls in your court. We’re still rooting for Jess but hey, we’re open.

What about Rory’s pals? BFF Lane (Keiko Agena) was last seen with her bandmate husband Zack (this was after she dated former bandmate Dave, who was played by, hello, Seth from The O.C) and their twin sons Steve and Kwan. Will we see them all grown up? We’re not sure yet but don’t worry, Lane’s super strict scenestealing Korean mum will be back.

And then there’s frenemy turned friend Paris (Liza Weil) and her boyfriend Doyle (Danny Strong) who are set to return too - but did Paris graduate from Harvard Medical School and did her so-weird-it-worked relationship with Doyle survive the test of time?

OK OK. On to Lorelai now - the TV mum of all mums – who had a seriously complicated love life. Everyone knows she belongs with Luke (any man who wears checked shirts, is handy with tools and can also cook a great meal is A OK by us) but Lorelai called off the wedding and slept with Chris (Rory’s dad, played by David Sutcliffe). Both men will be back on the scene but considering the series ended with a kiss between Lorelai and Luke, please tell us love still exists.

PS. Will Rory’s half sister Gigi Hayden be brought back into the series now she’s all grown?

So everyone is throwing shade on Luke’s long-lost daughter April Nardini’s (Vanessa Marano) return - the inadvertent reason why so much tension and stress built up between L + L - but what we’re freaking out about is the fact that Melissa McCarthy, who played Lorelai’s bezzie and all-round awesome person Sookie, has not been asked to return. Netflix, we can’t chill about this. Someone called Sutton Foster has been cast in an unknown role which we’re guessing is going to fill this friend void but no one can replace the squad that was Lorelai and Sookie, sorry.

And what’s going to happen to the traditional grandparents’ Friday night dinners? We know Kelly Bishop, who plays stiff-lipped Emily will return but sadly, Edward Herrmann, who played Richard, passed away in 2014 so will need to be written out.

In happier news, Yanic Truesdale who plays sarcastic French concierge at Lorelai’s Independence Inn will be reprising his role as Michel. As well as the town oddball, Kirk (Sean Gunn). It’s not yet known whether Paul Anka the dog will be making a return but we can only hope.

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