Is The Great British Bake Off Going To Be Cancelled?

It still has a warm, yeasty place in our hearts, but can GBBO really keep going forever?

Is The Great British Bake Off Going To Be Cancelled?

by Rebecca Reid |

When GBBO moved from it's classic home on the BBC to Channel 4, there was outrage. Rioting on the streets. People throwing crem pat at each other and wailing. But, despite our worst fears, it mostly worked out okay. We missed Mel and Sue, but we found a way to bond Noel and Sandi, like step parents that we didn't want but came to love.

Only, the years have passed since the move and while C4 have resisted any temptation to change the program for the worst, it's not pulling in the levels of viewership or interaction that it once did.

According to research from Vanquis, the show isn't packing the same punch that it once did. They told us: 'Our research, which analysed over 8.2 million tweets about the Great British Bake Off, found that this latest season has been far less popular with viewers. According to the research, season 10 was one of the least talked about seasons on Twitter, averaging just 50,804 tweets per episode. To put this in perspective, during season 7, fans were sharing an average of 213,784 tweets per episode – over 4 times as many.'

When people did watch the show, they weren't always huge fans of it either. Vanquis say that 28.1% of the tweets about the show were negative, which is pretty hefty considering that it's a show about people making cakes.

Obviously we're still huge GBBO fans - we got everyone's favourite Bake Off correspondent Lauren Bravo to write us a weekly recap of the show - but perhaps all good things do have to come to an end? There's something gently dignified about letting a show end while it's still widely loved, rather than dragging it on until nothing makes sense anymore, or subjecting it to rebrand after rebrand.

Channel 4 haven't made any kind of statement about the future of Bake Off, so don't start weeping into your sourdough yet. It still could well be back next Autumn.

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