Friends Reunion Finally Confirmed For Actual Television(!)

Could we BE any more excited? Yep probably. This is still pretty damn exciting though

Friends Reunion Finally Confirmed For Actual Television(!)

by Jess Commons |

Hold the phone, sit yourselves down, put your feet up and mark February 21st in your diary as ‘NOT F**ING GOING OUT’ because that, my friend, is the night that the _Friends reunion that we’ve all been waiting for finally comes to our TV screens. American screens obvs, but screens nonetheless. Surely you can illegally stream it, like, straight afterwards_?

Anyways, what’s going to happen with this reunion? It’s not actually as exciting as it sounds. The telly show is going to be a tribute to your favourite TV director James Burrows. In case you’re one of the many, many people who don’t know who James Burrows is (and gosh how can you not?), he’s directed 1,000 episodes of television and 15 of those were Friends, INCLUDING The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break, so we’ve got James Burrows to thank for that whole saga.

The* Friends* cast don’t seem too miffed though, they’ve ALL agreed to appear on the show, although NBC boss Robert Greenblatt is skeptical that all six actors will be able to appear together. ‘I’m hoping all six will be in the same room at the same time. I’m not sure we can logistically pull it off.’

Which sounds a little defeatist there, Robert, TBH. If you don’t believe, it’ll never happen.

To help Robert out, we’ve done a quick round-up of where each actor currently is. Jen An is currently in Atlanta, Georgia filming The Yellow Birds. David Schwimmer is supposedly still filming the OJ Simpson thing in which he plays ROBERT KARDASHIAN. Courteney Cox seems currently free from committments, as do Matthew Perry and Matt Le Blanc, and Lisa Kudrow is filming The Girl On The Train (!!!! She plays a woman that used to work with main character Rachel’s ex-husband, who’s played by Justin Theroux who’s married to real life Rachel. Wow).

Basically, as far as we can see, with the exception of The Girl On The Train, there aren’t any committments that couldn’t be put on hold for like one day for them all to get together on set, right? Right.

In the same way that kids try to get their divorced parents back together by tricking them into the same room at the same time, we’ve got high hopes for the Friends cast being all together again. The six of them together, the whir of the cameras, the buzz of the studio audience, the heat from the lights.... All those old memories will all come flooding back and they’ll be working on season 11 before you can say ‘Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani’.

*We didn’t tell you to do this, so don’t blame us if the full force of the internet police comes raining down on you and like, bans you from Twitter or something.

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