What’s Going On With The Extra In This Friends Scene?


What's Going On With The Extra In This Friends Scene?

by Alyss Bowen |
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You’d think if you were given a role as an extra in Friends you’d take it pretty seriously, wouldn’t you. You wouldn’t mess up, or fall over, accidentally sneeze in Ross’ face or chew your coffee instead of drinking it. Would you?

You probably would. Like this lovely extra did. American comedian Nick Turner brought this scene in Friends to our attention via Twitter. Thanks Nick. The gang are all in Central Perk, so your attention was definitely focused on them and not the random people in the background, so don’t kick yourself for missing this. But oh wait oh what’s that? It's a lady in the backgroun sipping her Central Perk coffee (or tea, we don’t know what her preference was) - and oh there she goes - she's chewing it.

Lots of Twitter users pointed out maybe she was actually chewing, a marshmallow or a cookie or something else. Which could be true, or maybe she just forgot she was supposed to be drinking coffee.

You have one job extra, one job.

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