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You can officially cancel those plans you secretly wanted to bail on, your weekend is now occupied. Laptops at the ready my friends, here’s a selection of the best documentaries available to watch on YouTube right now.

The Look

You probably won’t remember what Fashion Week looked like twenty years ago. Safe to say a whole lot has changed but this six-part BBC Four documentary managed to get an up close and personal look at what the world of haute couture was like back then. From Paris to Milan, London and New York, witness the nostalgic spectacle that was fashion week in the 90s.

A Brief History Of Time

You know when you have those moments of ‘what even is life’? This doc attempts to answer those questions in a legit, grown up way without being just a film about physics. It’s based on a book of the same title written by Stephen Hawking and covers both the life and work of the man himself. If you’re wondering, yes Hawking appears in the film too, along with family members and colleagues who all contribute to the narrative.

Paris Is Burning

Remember ‘voguing’? Well some people say it all started right here on the drag ball scene back in the 1980s. Jennie Livingstone’s cult classic explores the African-American, Latino, gay and transgender communities at the centre of ball culture. If you haven’t seen it before, press play because it’s one of those ones that everyone has seen.

Naked Science – Who Built Stonehenge?

Who did build Stonehenge though? Like, really. Do you know? Here’s your chance to find out. Naked Science is a great YouTube channel in general and has a tone of super interesting videos about stuff that’s probably crossed your mind but you’ve never given much thought. I’m gonna say this is a solid place to start.

The Great Crash 1929

If you’re really in the mood to educate yo’self, give this one a try. It might feel a bit on the heavy (read: not fun) side of things but I’m going to guess you don’t really have a solid idea of what actually went down back in 1929 and how it affected the future of the economy. Heavy words, I know. But think of the conversation you’ll be able to hold should someone ask you about the financial crisis at a dinner party.

Free To Play: The Movie

If you’ve never really understood the video game thing, this documentary will throw you right in at the deep and you’ll come out the other side with a whole heap of knowledge you didn’t expect to gain. It’s made by an American video game company called Valve and follows three professional gamers competing at an international tournament. It’s more than just watching people play video games though. Honest.

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