The First Teaser For The Twin Peaks Revival Has Been Released

It features old and new cast members

The First Teaser For The Twin Peaks Revival Has Been Released

by Sabrina Sahota |
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Updated on 10/01/17: David Lynch has now released the release date for Twin Peaks: 2017. Prepare yourself, and your TV, as the show will begin on Sunday, May 21, with a two-hour premiere on Showtime.

Showtime announced this news as it’s winter Television Critics Association panel, along with the update that the third and fourth episodes will be available for Showtime subscribers on demand when the premiere is over.

Late last year, Showtime released the first behind the scenes look at next year’s reboot. The two-minute teaser doesn’t actually reveal any new footage from the show but features interviews from former and new cast members on what it's like to be back

The teaser features the stunning landscape of the fictional Washington town, set to an intense and unnerving backing track.

In the teaser Kyle MacLachlan, returning to his role as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, says he felt a ‘freshness’ and ‘lightness’ when returning to the show.

‘We knew it was going to be something special’, he said. ‘We just didn’t know in what form, or how.’

Other returning cast members include James Marshall and Dana Ashbrook, who played boyfriends of the late Laura Palmer whose murder the show centres around.

‘In my opinion, it discovers, in a poetic way, the whole human experience,’ Marshall says

Showtime have confirmed the show will be back in the first half of 2017, with the exact date to be confirmed. It will not be a remake, but a continuation of where the series wrapped up in 1991.

This week co-creator Mark Frost also released his book ‘The Secret History of Twin Peaks’revisits the murder of Laura Palmer and looks at where some of the characters have ended up.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the surreal murder mystery yet, it’s currently available available on Sky Go.

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