Reddit’s Top Films For When You Need To Escape From Reality

Because we'd all like a little dose of non-reality today...

Films To Make You Feel Better

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Everything feels a little strange at the moment and sometimes you just need to ignore the outside world, sit in your duvet and watch a really nice film. Users of Reddit seem to agree as with this notion as overnight, a user asking for a feel good film advice has created a thread that has been commented on almost 12,000 times (that's a lot btw).

‘InfiniteThugnificent’, which is a great username btw, asked Reddit 'What is a good movie for when you want to escape from reality and maybe cry a little?’ Showing that we are not alone in wanting to avoid reality for a little while. Here are our top picks from the (extensive) thread:

1.Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind


People of Reddit have referred to this film as an ‘emotional laxative’ and never have words rang more true.



Reddit seem to be very big fans of this one, and it's easy to see why. The absence of dialogue for the most part is super refreshing and nothing can remove you more than a film about two robots in space.

3.Big Fish


Based on a Father/Son relationship, Tim Burton’s magical story-telling invokes all the feels

4.Spirited Away


One of the most popular films from Studio Ghibli (Japan’s answer to Disney) and my favourite film ever. Perfect for escaping reality and being drawn into a mystical world based on Japanese myths.

5. The Lion King


Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase! A very obvious feel good classic.

6.The Intouchables


This is a French heart warmer that will make you laugh and cry – exactly what we need today.

7.The Grand Budapest Hotel


A completely immersive film following the unusual life of a hotel's bell boy. Like all of Wes Andersons Films, it's visually pleasing and has a stellar cast.

8.The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


Full of beautiful imagery and a sense of wonder, what’s not to love?

9. 500 Days of Summer


Try not hyperventilate during the ‘Expectations Vs Reality’ scene – go on, I dare ya.

10. Stranger Than Fiction


A comedy, a drama and a fantasy all in one. Follow Will Ferrell in this mind-bending story as he becomes the subject of a narration only he can hear.

Thank you people of Reddit, that’s enough ammunition to make us laugh, cry and feel better.

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