All The Evidence That Proves That Lucas’s Sister Is The Barb Of Stranger Things 2

#JustTheFacts blows #JusticeForBarb out of the water


by Jazmin Kopotsha |

It’s really hard to watch any TV show without incidentally choosing a favourite character to obsess over. For the first series of Netflix’s Stranger Things, Barb was without a doubt the chosen one – she’s got the hashtag to prove it. And although it’s only been a few days since the second season landed on our laptops, we’re already pretty set on which Hawkins resident has come out at the top of our ‘television people we want to be friends with’ list. All rise for the upstanding queen of sass and impeccable clap backs, Miss Erica Sinclair.

If you haven’t watched the new season yet, tread carefully because clearly there will be a few spoilers ahead. But, if you ask me, you may as well go ahead and read on anyway because Erica is bloody brilliant and will probably be the push you need to finish off those last few episodes.

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With new seasons come new characters. And while the big game-changing chunk of storyline obviously orientated around Eleven’s (are we still calling her Eleven? Or is it Jane now?) new/old friend Kali, our attention has instead been caught by the new addition to the Sinclair family.

Played by actress Priah Ferguson, Erica is quite literally the comic relief of dreams from the moment we meet her in Chapter Two. Here’s why she’s going to be your favourite too.

1. We already had a lot of time for the Sinclair family

Let’s face it, likeability runs in that family. Lucas had his moment of (completely justified) irrationality and overreaction last season, but the kid always spoke a lot of sense. We didn’t expect any less from his little sister.

2. Erica Sinclair has all the sass

But she uses her sass for good. Like, to put her big brother in his place and kindly advise him that no, maybe dressing up in a lame Halloween costume for school isn’t the one today.

3. She’s also mega wise

#justthefacts is the hashtag of the series. Sorry, Barb.

4. Erica has the makings of a clap back queen

We can safely say that I didn’t have anything that witty to say while I was in Primary School. She wins. Hands down.

5. Erica doesn't have time for bullshit either

I don't know but I wish I was half as assertive as Erica IRL. Imagine how much straight forward everything would be...

6. We don’t see her much but when we do, it counts

Four episodes was not enough. Anyone who wants to start a campaign for an Erica Sinclair spin-off show, feel free.

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