Your Election Night TV Schedule. Sorted.

Because, yes, while you want to watch the whole thing unfold, it’s going to be a long night

Your Election Night TV Schedule. Sorted.

by Jess Commons |
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In the same way that being late for work because you totally under-estimated how big the queue at the polling station would be, sitting in your living room, drinking wine and getting hopelessly confused at what’s unfolding on BBC1 and ITV’s election night specials is a tradition as old as time. The only trouble is… lots of it doesn’t even kick off until 10. What are you going to do until then? Here’s what…

**If you want a fictional take **

Check out More 4’s The Vote, a play with a crack cast that’s airing live from the Donmar Warehouse. Starring Catherine Tate, Judie Dench, MyAnna Buring and like, a million more, it’s set in a polling station on Election day while all walks of life come in and out and cast their votes. We spoke to Judi Dench’s daughter Finty Williams who also stars and she said 'It's got 52 people in it, i't set in a polling station in Lambeth and they're all based on true stories. My mother and I play mother and daughter and it's been bloody marvellous. The only thing was normally you would text your mum on the first day of rehearsals and say "I'm quite scared" so it was a bit odd because we were both as scared as each other!'

8:25-10PM, More 4

If you want to jump right in

Head over to Sky’s rolling news channel for non-stop election coverage starting at 9. In fact, we went along to their rehearsal for election day last week and found out that they've got a special room full of screens. Each screen will show a live feed from a camera at one of 275 results declarations; all operated by journalism students. How's that for pressure? Also, if you do drift off, add Sky News on Snapchat Discover. Sky's Snapchat producer Jess says that their use of the social media tool is all 'about reaching an audience who might not be watching the channel' (bascially you).

Decision Time, Sky News 9PM

If you need reminding why you should probably voteThe polls don't close until 10PM guys - if you haven't gone yet you've still got time! Reward yourself with episode two of The Game, the Cold War drama starring the almost unashamedly chiselled Tom Hughes. It's about an MI5 team put in place to prevent a Soviet attack on the UK and is dark, action packed and super tense.


If you need your politics with a side of funny

Head over the Channel 4 for the Alternative Election Night. Chaired by Jeremy Paxman and David Mitchell, the special lasts fro 9PM to 6AM and is set to feature some very funny people. Watch out for a special Gogglebox episode on the campaign trail. If you’re still going at 3AM though, don’t expect Paxman to be; ‘my ambition is usually to be fast asleep by then’ he told Channel 4. Should make for thrilling telly.

9-6AM Channel 4

If you need easing in slowly

All this waiting between casting your vote at stupid o clock this morning and tonight at sometime at stupid o clock when the results roll in? Catch a break with arguably the best reality TV show ever made Don’t’ Tell The Bride. This week, meet the dodo who’s so tehnologicall inept that he won’t use a mobile. Yep it’s a repeat but has that ever stopped you before?

8-9PM BBC Three

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