Downton Abbey’s Back. So Here’s How To Throw A Rip-Roaringly Brilliant Party To Celebrate

Because Sunday nights are all about Waldorf salad


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Oh hello there, Downton! How we missed you. But now that autumn is slowly settling itself in with those much-missed roasts, lazy red wine-filled weekends and cosy sofa Sundays and you're firmly back on our screens, we can finally enjoy the end of the weekend again. Like boyfriends and chunky knits, you’re a classic, cosy winter essential.

Now we know that Barrow is still evil, Tom's still got a chip on his shoulder and Mary's still the most desired lady of Downton, we think it's only right to celebrate your brilliance with a ruddy, spanking, jolly good ol’ party.

So chaps, let’s dust off the port bottle, dig out that flapper dress and party like its 1928 (pre-recession and all).

Here are some ideas to help you plan a finer do than Cora, the Countess of Grantham herself.

First, and most importantly, what will one drink?

You can’t actually have tea at a tea party, duh. But can we suggest you go all über chic and prohibition-era-like by serving cocktails in cups and saucers. And once your vessels are sorted, we suggest you fill them with what we're christening The Sip In A Civilised Way Cocktail – a sharp but sweet Bombay Sapphire Gin-based drink with a dash of that posh-sounding spirit, Martini & Rossi Rosso Vermouth. Exactly what one imagines Lady Rose would be sipping on one of her Bright Young Thing jaunts out in London Town.


Bottoms up!

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Now everyone's in the mood, give them a part to play

With so many weird and wonderful characters to choose from, you’d be mad not to get everyone to come in character. Don’t expect your mate who’s great at cooking to come as Mrs Patmore and do all the food for you (that’s just lazy, really) but come on, how great would it be to see all the guys in tuxedos?! Obviously, you’ll be that aforementioned flighty blonde cousin Rose. She gets to have all of the fun…

And for the actual dressing-up part…

Twenties parties are all the rage, darling, especially since the release of last year’s The *Great Gatsby movie. *So go ahead and buy feathered headpieces (like this from ASOS Marketplace, £22) and glorious beaded dresses (£135, ASOS) with reckless abandon on that credit card… according to our vague historical calculations, the Wall Street crash won’t happen for at least a few episodes.


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**Is food really necessary, then? **

This has 'raucous tea party' written all over it. And, quite frankly, people don’t have tea parties enough these days. Kick off the celebrations with cucumber sandwiches, then treat your guests to a delicious Waldorf salad. It’s the perfect Downton combo: old-school class and a modern American twist.

In the absence of Mrs Patmore (who, by the way, is a fucking rock-star IRL. She hangs out with Guns N’ Roses’ Matt Sorum and drives a gold Jag in her home town of LA – eat your heart out, Maggie) here’s an easy recipe for them. (The salad, not the sandwiches – if you can’t make cucumber sandwiches, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to have a party in the first place).

It’s super quick and easy to make. Even Daisy could do it. Before she got good at cooking. This amount serves four, so judging on your amount of guests…well…we’ll leave you to do the maths.

For more great cocktail recipes you can make at home, download the Mixed Cocktail app.

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