The Department Of Energy Are Looking Into Parallel Universes. Stranger Things Is Real

Stranger Things means it MUST be a thing, right..right?

The Department Of Energy Are Looking Into Parallel Stories. Stranger Things Is Real

by Alyss Bowen |
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Ever since Stranger Things hit our (computer) screens, we’ve all been a bit obsessed with the supernatural, and the 80s obviously. And it turns out we’re not the only ones wondering if a parallel universe could actually be a thing, the US Department of Energy (DoE) are too. It's no surprise seeing as they feature heavily in the series, granted not in the best light (Dr Martin Brenner, anyone?) but this must means it MUST be a thing, right..right?

The DoE released a blog post titled‘ What Stranger Things Didn’t Get Quite-So-Right About The Energy Deparment, in which they claim that they ‘do not explore parallel universes, but they do help to power the exploration of new worlds.’ They claimed that they were more interested in space exploration and nuclear power than portals to over realms. I mean, space is cool and everything but inter-dimensional portals are much cooler, no?

Washington Free Beacon journalist, Lachlan Markay, decided to do a little investigation of his own and used the Freedom of Information Act to request any mentions of Stranger Things in official DoE emails from the US federal government. And from the responses, it looks like what the DoE originally said might not be the full truth.

First, he was greeted with a massive pile of papers after he FOIA’d the DoE’s public affairs office – so clearly they’ve been discussing Stranger Things portals a lot. You can see in this email the conversation that was had, but this exact sentence stood out to us:

‘it’s not true that the ‘Energy Department doesn’t explore parallel universes. We support theoretical physicists/cosmologists through the Office of Science High Energy Physics Program, some of whom almost certainly are doing a fair amount of research on parallel universes.’ This is everything.

They also confirm that they do conduct ‘really eyebrow-raising stuff in the history of the atomic energy commission, in which yes, the aec did do human experiments.’ This all sounds very Eleven like to us. So basically, if the US Department of Energy are exploring other relams, then that must mean it's a legit thing, meaning there might be a portal somewhere into this realm - quite possibly a demogorgon, although we hope not. Oh, and they want Justice for Barb - because who doesn’t?

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