David Schwimmer Is Bringing Old Red Ross Back To Channel 4

ROOSSSSS CAN.....Get back on our TV screens.

David Schwimmer Is Bringing Old Red Ross Back To Channel 4

by Jess Commons |
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In what might be the greatest news of our time, comic genius and nostalgia bringer David Schwimmer is due to return to our screens in a brand new UK sitcom.

The show is set to be called Morning Has Broken and is set to star the very excellent Julia Davis as Gail Sinclair, or ‘the Queen of Daytime’ as Channel 4 put it. Basically, she sounds a lot like she’s our Lorraine Kelly or Susanna Reid. Anyways, after years and years of presenting the bestest breakfast show on telly, ratings are slipping and a new American producer is brought in to help out. ENTER SCHWIMMER.

If any of you have seen David Schwimmer’s ridiculously funny turn in Curb Your Enthusiasm, that’s exactly what we’re imagining is going to happen here. Fingers crossed for the kind of character that can’t take a joke, doesn’t get irony and in all honesty, is kind of a wang.

David (we’re very much on first names terms with the chap) said: ‘I’ve been a massive fan of Julia’s for years, and I’m thrilled to be able to finally work with her and Nick on this fantastic comedy.’

In our humble opinion, it’s only now, years after Friends has ended that people have truly come to appreciate that David Schwimmer was undeniably the most talented comedic actor on the show. From Red Ross to ‘I’M FINE’ to ‘I’d prefer not to answer that right now I’m still carrying a little holiday weight’ to ‘Hair dryer? No no no. Shampoo and conditioner? Oh yes yes yes’ – the man created the most loveable anus of a character that ever did exist. Rachel was one lucky lady. Hair gel and all.


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