Coach Carr From Mean Girls Is On Tinder. With A Man Bun. And A Cat.

I mean, even if you match though, there's no sex because you will get pregnant and you will die.

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by Jess Commons |
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Mean Girls is the gift that keeps on giving.

Website Betches have found Mean Girls' Coach Carr of 'don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die' fame on Tinder and oh what a treat it is.

Coach Carr, real name Dwayne Hill is, according to his Tinder profile, six foot five and Emmy nominated! Apparently, this accolade came for his voiceover work in popular PBS kids' show Peg + Cat.

Which is cool, because he has a cat! Or at least knows someone that does.


Anyway - he's kind of a dish no? He's also says he's a good cuddler and, if you play your cards right, he might let you join his gang.

Presumably, this means Coach Carr is no longer in touch with Trang Pak and/or Sun Jin Dinh. Which is probably a good thing.

See more pics from Dwayne's Tinder over on Betches.

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